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Tuesday, November 11, 2008


The main reason that the late Michael Crichton's books and films were so successful, is because the science was so well researched, and thus, the films made from his stories were plausible. The same is true for the late Arthur Hailey. All his films had great stories behind them because Hailey spent a year or longer researching of commercial aviation (AIRPORT), the auto industry (WHEELS), banking (THE MONEYCHANGERS), etc.

When writing your screenplay, the more you know about any subject the more plausible your story is likely to be.

Plausibility is only one slant of story telling but if we look at the Sci-Fi genre as an example, the Star Wars stories are completely implausible and yet, no one cares. They are great entertainment; old fashioned swashbuckling pirate and princess stories, dressed up in a new time and location. Instaead of galleons with cannons, we have tie-fighters with lasers. STAR WARS never mention Earth and when we are asked to suspend all disbelief, we gladly do do.

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