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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Could Success Soon Kill Your Webcomic?

It takes over 16 hours to drive from Minnesota to Texas if you don't stop. Of course, I did stop along the way and visited friends in Iowa and Missouri, but I still had at least 16 hours of straight drive time in a truck with nothing but a radio and no companion. Since most radio stations in the Midwest play country music, I had a lot of time to think.
One of the things I thought about was the way the internet worked all last year and how things are following a pattern right now and slowly but surely breaking down. Right now, the infrastructure that paid all the bills last year has suddenly stopped, as if someone shoved a big wrench in a machine. Crunch! Everything has stopped and a lot of people seem to be scurrying around trying to repair this machine that never really was working in the first place.
I can describe this calmly because I saw the big wrench coming and made preparations to pay the bills after the machine shut down. However, the noise was very loud, a lot of people I know and care about didn't see it coming and everything is still unsettling enough to give me pause for thought.
The first comic strip I ever posted to the web was called "My Hero." It was about a newlywed couple and the site was designed by a friend of mine at the time. I didn't know any HTML and the site was up on my personal webspace that my ISP provided me. I registered my URL with Yahoo and I would receive an email every couple of months.


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