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Monday, March 20, 2006


"Punk Angel"-This girl has fleshy wings attached from her shoulders to her knees. She cannot wear regular clothes so she wears a long coat to cover her wings. She is afraid to learn how to fly so the wings are more of a burden to her than anything else. She lives with two other girls, M and Jazz, and her daughter, Swift (like the bird), who is three and starting Kindergarten. Sandy is extremely intelligent but socially inept. She spent most of the last three years learning to speak English and care for herself and her daughter. She doesn't remember anything before her daughter was born. Her experience with the outside world is minimal. She barely recognizes that there is a government and certainly does not believe it applies to her. She attacks people (physically and verbally) because she believes they can defend themselves the same way she can. She is terrified of men and has no idea why.


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