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Sunday, March 05, 2006

From the South to the Stars

Finally, long time friends Daniel Langley and Wallace Peterson (both purebred Southern boys) have graduated from Central High School in Macon, Georgia as part of the class of 1970. Their days of having fun, rocking out, taking road trips and their memories of Woodstock '69 are laid to rest for a future of college and boring jobs, right? Wrong! As far as Daniel and Wallace are concerned, they're just getting started. They hope to spread their country-flavored rock and make it out of their small southern town and finally "get to workin' on bein' somebodays!" - that is if they can successfully get on a record label. Once they recycle their college applications and get on the road of their dreams, Daniel and Wallace begin to notice how shady the business is. Picking up their drummer, Naomi-May Jackson was a relief, but they're still in for a long ride. Unfortunately, they're too determined to turn back.
Welcome to the dubious world of the music business. Popularity don't come easy.


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