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Sunday, March 05, 2006


Darken is the fantasy story of a group of antiheroes loosely based on a D&D game played by CG user Komiyan. Lead by Gort, a dark knight on a mission, the group crusade through the plane of Darken, in search of several items of power. But when your travelling companions are puppy-kickingly evil, can you really trust their motives..?
ART and STORY by Komiyan who as a child was always a little angel. Little being the operative word. Descended from Lilliputian immigrants, at the age of 5 she was traumatized when she got lost in a particularly fuzzy Persian rug. It was days before anyone was able to find her, and she would have died had she not been rescued by a family of friendly crickets. It was then that she promised herself that she would never feel trapped down by her surroundings again. As time passed the little munchkin grew up into a larger stronger girl. But not that large. And as life continued in their little hamlet in the crack under the stairs, Komiyan grew weary of sliding down the same blades of grass over and over at the hangout spot by the thimble with Tom thumb and Thumbelina. The little pixie yearned for more of this life.. something wonderful, something big. So it was that she bade goodbye to her family and friends and the Borrowers next door and set foot into the great big world. She took a ride on a caterpillar to town, and after a nasty incident where a sparrow nearly gobbled her up she arrived at the Pepsi Can bar where she took a few small menial jobs as a pea polisher and a teabag mover, but she soon quit as the heavy lifting was doing her back in. But it was then that she hit the big-time when she launched a successful career of being a statuette at the top of wedding cakes. She used the money to buy a condo in Legoland, where she finally felt accepted and at home at last.


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