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Sunday, September 03, 2006

Give A Hoot Don't Pollute

Well the title pretty much sums things up! Keep our oceans clean. I love trying to convey some sort of message in my work. I felt we could find a lighter side to the matter, and hopefully still provoke the thought of helping to stop polluting our waters.

I had been asked to draw Aquaman, and at that time I was already working on an idea, for Aquaman, that kept cracking me up. My friends say I am weird, but I find humor in just about everything. I couldn't finish it at the time because I had been so busy but I finally made time for it.

I wanted to make Aquaman seem like a sissy by putting floaters on his arms. HAHAHA

I interpreted what I could remember of the beaches, in Florida, when I lived there, for 10 years. I loved Sarasota, Florida the best because of the white, soft sands, and the weeds growing on the beach. i wanted to recapture that memory in this.

I draw, eat, draw, sleep, draw...

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