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Saturday, March 17, 2007


Wiggedy Wham!
Clamnut Comix is the home to the most clamtastic Irish Comics in the world. Yep, there are comics from Ireland. We've been vewwy slow in Ireland to start producing our own comics but things are finally starting to change, over the past 4 years theres been an explosion in Irish made comics and here you'll find a few of the best.

MBLEH! was my first comic and it gave me the honour of being the first comic from Ireland to be distributed worldwide by those swell guys in Diamond. This version of has downloadable samples of MBLEH! and a MBLEH! FAQ where everyone can finally hear how its meant to be pronounced, straight from the gicknah's mouth.

Earlier this year, I released THE SHIZNIT, a free comic available around Dublin, Cork, Galway and a few other places around Ireland. My reasoning for making a free comic was this: Irish people don't read comics, theres only a few comic shops in Ireland so therefore comics are hard to come by.

My idea is to make free comics available in places where people who'd never even seen a comic before would be able to get their hands on them. After meeting hostile reaction to MBLEH! I began to wonder if the average Irish dope would read a comic if it was free?. The answer surprised both me and the dope. It's working.



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