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Sunday, May 20, 2007

how to Pitch TV Concepts Like A Pro

We have a fantastic free event to offer you. My wife, Jeanne, and I are hosting a free teleconference on how to Pitch TV Concepts Like A Pro.

Join us for a FREE teleseminar/webinar.
Wednesday, May 30, 9:00pm ET/ 6:00pm Pacific

We will cover:

* 7 Biggest Show-Pitching Mistakes
* 5 Questions You Must be Able to Answer in a Pitch
* Your Questions
* Our TV Pitch Program

Don't miss this event!

PLUS, we will be giving away our TV EXPERTS ON CD package, worth $249, to someone live on the call. This is a collection of industry experts, studio execs, producers and writers interviewed about the pitch process.

If you know anyone who has an idea for a tv show, please forward this information to them.

Go to to register.

We'll see you there.


Mark & Jeanne Simon



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