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Sunday, April 01, 2007


MariNaomi has been self publishing Estrus Comics since 1998.

Estrus is a collection of embarrassing autobiographical stories about my love life.
My stories and artwork have appeared in such publications as Action Girl Comics, Not My Small Diary, the Comics Journal, Pet Noir: An Anthology of Strange but True Pet Crimes, indieFLY and True Porn.

Reviews of Estrus Comics #4 …
“For a laugh, check out MariNaomi’s comic ‘Recipe for Disaster,’ which hits a little too close to home for the culinarily challenged.”
- Utne Reader 2006

“MariNaomi avoids going the ‘woe is me’ route while telling stories of her romantic life experiences. Instead, she looks at the humorous and absurd side of love and relationships all the way from kindergarten to present day. The innocence of first kisses, awkward teenage sexual experiences and post 9/11 hippy boyfriends are all covered in the 20 pages that make up the first half of this issue. While she focuses more on the let downs she’s had to endure, you get the feeling that she’s laughing at most of these experiences with you ... All said, Estrus Comics is a fun, well-told comic.”
- Broken Pencil 2006

“[Estrus is] a diverse collection of stories, and I highly recommend it.”
- 2006

“The subject matter—coming-of-age stories about sex and love lost—is quite personal, but somehow universal. Hey, we were all stupid teenagers once.”
- Zine World

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