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Sunday, April 01, 2007


December Sun is a title that I've been progressively writing over the span of the last few years. Sadly, it's taken me about that same amount of time to complete the first issue, but considering that I've only been using scraps of time to complete pencils, inks, copies/reductions, scans, PC size formatting, grayscale halftones, and lettering, I suppose this might be reasonable.

I've given up computer games, more or less, in order to focus on completing this title. Yes, it would have been nice to work with someone else on this book, but because of the piecemeal approach to its completion, and my sporadic windows of available time, this was probably the best way.

The story of DS, from a foundational viewpoint, is a story of the kind of character I would have liked to read about when I was 12. It's the comic I never had, but would have enjoyed reading. I'm finding that, the more I write this title, the more I realize I'm writing these stories for my own enjoyment. With this in mind, the title will probably never make money, but at least I will have the satisfaction of knowing that I wrote a book that I enjoyed.

Additionally, the story (and art) are patterned after writers and artists who I've enjoyed in the past. I can only hope I'm not indirectly/blatantly ripping anyone off. I've tried to throw in enough unique ideas into the story to keep it original, but in this day and age, it seems like everything has already been done, in one form or another.

DS is also an avenue I'm using to explore themes of Christianity, in both an allegorical C.S. Lewis manner but also through direct discussion. I think throwing in Christian theology into a superhero book will make for some interesting storylines, and for the most part, this works in an exploratory sense for me.

Countless rejection letters from the big comic studios have made me cynical and callous enough to give up on sending out endless submission packages and just write my own title, give it out to friends, and sell it to anyone interested. If it ends up never selling and I never get a huge Hollywood contract, so be it. I still had fun with it.



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