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Monday, May 21, 2007

Haunted R&R Station

Witnesses say the R&R Station Restaurant & Inn is haunted. Now the ghosts are throwing a reunion party to relive their past. Shot on location in Mt. Pleasant, Pennsylvania, 15666.

Haunted R&R Station is an independent docudrama about a haunted hotel. The format includes elements of a documentary -- interview and location shots -- and fictional re-creations of stories witnesses tell.

The film style is fast-paced and punchy with a mix of story telling and behind-the scenes captures of cast and crew. Each ghost was cast locally by Sherry Wingrove - who appears throughout the film as the busy innkeep who must explain the presence of more than a dozen ghostly guests to restaurant, bar, and hotel room patrons. Costumes and special effects are produced by Brian Corcoran.

Make-up by Ruth Peterson. Brian and Ruth are Vintage Costumes, LLC. Mayor Gerald Lucia kindly offered city help blocking streets and monitoring traffic and onlookers during shooting. More than 50 people from Mt. Pleasant, Pennsylvania and surrounding communities appear in the film as actors or witnesses.

The crew includes Chicago theaterical artist Shawn Galligan as assistant director -- who added an incredible touch to each scene; Still photographer Laine Marsh; Equipment Manager Shannon Boyle -- who added still photography; and Crew Member Jonathan Extract -- shooting digital video and aiding with production needs.

Roger Marsh formed Tremont Avenue Productions (TAP) in 1999 as an independent content producer for print, Web, stage, and film projects. TAP produced original staged dramedies in and around Chicago for three years. Haunted R&R Station is his first film project.



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