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Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Shelley Winters is a Loveable, slightly annoying ingenue. Likes things that are fun. Works as the mayor's assistant. Has a funny way of talking. Accident prone. Became a zombie once. Has enemies in the world of the deep.
Ryan Beckwith is a slightly cleaned-up boozer. His father is king of the tramps. Easily led. Joined a cult. Rides a scooter. Fallon's boyfriend. Has a friend who is a bat (Friend Bat). Lives above Hugo's sandwich shop.
Fallon Young is an incompetent secret agent. Sweetie-pie. Has nemesis (Dave Swann, crime pope). Shelley's best friend. Looks good in catsuit. Unreliable. Ryan's girlfriend. Saved Ryan from cult using disguise.
Tim Jones is an inventor, loverman, sage. Prone to bouts of red mist. Needs a woman's touch to keep him from the madness. Lives a life of leisure thanks to his best-selling fake autobiography, "Jonesy".
TO THE COMIC - by John Allison


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