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Sunday, March 18, 2007


Ryan Andrew Brandt is an author of comic books, among other things.

He has an ungodly amount of scripts in development, ideas that beg to be written, books in the production phase, books out or coming out... you name an element of the production cycle and he probably have something that's in it or about to be in it. His main goal, aside to actually make writing comics his living, is to try to write in every single genre there is... because there's nothing like a challenge!

He has written/overseen/published:
Leesway - Story/Creator of Book
Memories & Echoes - Story "Necessary Horror"
Ronin Illustrated#3 - Story "A Happier Place"
Varied Scaries#2 - Story "My Little Babies"
Other books that don't have links available at this time are Hope: New Orleans, Marcus Midnight: Monster Hunter (original series) and Tales From The Rabverse (collection of various shorts that have been published or still yet unpublished).
You can also find two of his Ranger Dan Danger shorts (one of which is published in Leesway) at, where the further adventures of Ranger Dan Danger will make their debut, but be aware, they are a part of a large e-zine that you have to pay for.

And he just opened up a forum for a new book called the Amazers. If you like what's in the gallery, check out the forum which will be updating with more and more new stuff!

Ryan Andrew Brandt has more stuff in development than a human being probably should and he'll soon be looking for an inker and colorist for a book he's doing. See some fan-comics he did just for the hell of it and see what he does when he's not creating comics. But enough jibba-jabbing.



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