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Sunday, March 18, 2007

The King and the Tomorrow Lake

The story of a bored King who seeks a way to travel to the future! by Victor Cabanelas.

Aaaaanyway, I`m a comicbook penciler from Buenos Aires, Argentina and I`ve been working on this professionally since 2003. I usually work on 2-3 pages a day so, as you can imagine, it`s rather hard to keep everything updated.

Most of my stuff has been printed through Ronin Studios, but I`m working on a couple things that will hopefully see print through a publisher. Also, I`m glad to announce that one of the series I`m working on: "The Adventures of the Lightning Squirrel" will see print this year through RabidFrog Productions as a 6 issues mini-series.



Blogger Angela said...

I would love to get in contact with you about a project I am working on. I am looking for artists in Buenos Aires to work on Illustrations for comic animation and web games.

10:13 PM

Blogger Angela said...

contact me at

10:13 PM


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