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Sunday, March 18, 2007

CHAPTER ONE-Thomas Behe and Phil Elliott

Toby's filmed the wrong folks on his phone.

Caught recording the transaction of illegal adult videos, he's blackmailed by a ruthless entrepreneur into finding the female activist sabotaging the mobile channel Contraband.

In his search, Toby uncovers a voyeur underground, an "urban theatre" where profit-hungry youths prowl city streets filming erotic and violent events to satisfy society's accelerating demand for sensational on-the-go content.

Mesmerized by the woman, sympathetic to her agenda, his objectives blur. But as graphic footage exposing his darkest secret queues for Contraband broadcast, Toby knows he won't just be running from his past if that video hits everyone's handset.

Follow Toby's adventures in our new "voyeur underground" where profit-hungry youths prowl city streets secretly filming violent and erotic events to satisfy society's demand for sensational on-the-go content.

Where the fun adventures of Tintin meet the anarchic subculture of Fight Club, this quirky under-18 thriller/noir is the one of the first illustrated books to reveal how privacy-invading camera phones use is fuelling a new multi-billion dollar spy-cam industry.

Canadian writer TJ Behe has spent the past few years developing mobile content for global entertainment companies including BBC, Playboy, MTV, T-Mobile and Three UK. UK artist Phil Elliott’s graphic novels include Illegal Alien (Dark Horse) and Tupelo (Slave Labor) and he has several years experience providing illustrations for publishers including Marvel, DC, Image and Fantagraphics.

This tale's updated weekly - hope you enjoy (and we'd love to hear your thoughts)...T&P



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