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Friday, March 23, 2007


Tom Stillwell is "a comic book writing fool!" who created a comic book soooo good it will make you immortal.

There is a money back guarantee if you should happen to perish after purchasing it... Anyway.

He is 35 years old and lives in Chicago with his loving wife and a young daughter that will someday give him a heart attack. The comic book he writes, Honor Brigade, has a silver age tone to it while being set in the modern age.

Tom is a firm believer that you can make a fun, action-packed comic without turning your heroes into sociopaths or derelicts. He wants you to like his characters for who they are and not what they can do.

You can check out free previews at his site.


"It's about heroes. Well, duh... a comic about heroes. How original!

The thing is, I think we've forgotten about what makes superheroes special to us. I'm not talking about laser vision or magic rings either. I'm talking about why superheroes are better then us. Why they are icons we should look up to. Why we should aspire to follow their lead. The tendency today is to write our heroes as either saddled with feet of clay or "real", which somehow equates with grim and gritty. Now, I'm not against these things, but they need to be done in moderation, and moderation is something many of today's comic writers don't do very well.

Heroes should have flaws and faults... there's no doubt about that. They are human after all (well, except for the aliens, robots, mutants...anyways). Readers don't need to be batted about the head with the shortcomings of our heroes on a constant basis. They've taken our heroes, our icons, and turned them into people we don't even know if we like. The effort to make things more "real" seems a bit silly to me. Let's face it, if people had powers in the real world, they wouldn't waste their time being heroes. As a race we're not all that altruistic. I can see someone cashing in commercially before they'd throw on a cape and save people.

Honor Brigade is my answer to the current trends. My heroes will have faults but be people you can look up to just the same. My comic will be as real as it can be and still allow the wonder we all felt while reading our first comic.

Honor Brigade is about true heroes. Enjoy the show."

Or if you're really cool like all the popular kids you can buy his comics there too.



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