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Friday, March 24, 2006


Airshell would fall into the 'sci-fi-or-something-like-that' novel category; if you have a better appropriate name, let me know. This is a story of contrasts; true or false, right or wrong dreams or nightmares, dream or reality, black or white and so on. You change 'or' with 'and' and it should still work. At this point, airshell tells about a young man in a very distant future (probably centuries and centuries from present time), who doesn't perceive things like the others. Is he right? Is he wrong? Is he right and wrong at the same time? Who knows.
After meeting Ari Norvant, a young assistant who also happens to be a researcher and telling him his 'points of view', Rene' in one of his night wanderings finds an object which seems to be a very, very (and very) old hologram. It turns out that this hologram has two old data transmissions: a personal recording and a strange interview fragment with strange kids in a srange place...In the meanwhile Ari meets the shady Dr. Sheldon, a top executive genetic engineer who breeds deep-sea fishes....or so it seems.


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