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Thursday, March 23, 2006


In the beginning, hundreds of thousands of millions of billions of trillions of eons ago...
There was nothing. But somewhere in the Darkness of Nothing there dwelt the Essence of a Spirit of infinite power. And this Essence was lonely. And so the Essence stretched forth his hands in the Darkness and created Life: all the crawling beasts of the earth and the birds and creatures of the air, the waters of the oceans and the plants of the ground, and the complexity of it was so great that the Essence was both pleased and overwhelmed.
So, to help keep order in this new Life, the Essence created his Children and His Subjects, the Gods, who are today known as "The Old Ones." These five individuals he named "The Guardians," and each were given a kingdom and/or element they had to watch over and protect. And so, time passed.
The earth changed and grew and molded and changed even more, and mortals, elves and cats and humans and mermen and dragons, came into being, and with the birth of these creatures, so too was born Worship and Religion. But instead of worshiping the One Essence that had Created Life from the Darkness, these creatures worshiped his subjects, the Old Ones.
Gods and Mortals have a unique relation to one another: mortals depend on the gods to protect and provide for them, while the gods depend on mortals to worship them, grant them their faith, and increase their power. Thus, both depend upon the other for survival: the more worshipers a god collects, the stronger he or she becomes, while those whose worshipers dwindle or weaken lose power themselves.
Therefore, as He watched His children grow stronger and stronger and more numerous in number as they had their own children with the passing of the years, the One Essence itself slowly began to fade.


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