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Thursday, March 23, 2006


Vampires are not the walking dead in my story, they are immortal, living, creatures of the dark.
People are turned into vampires in my story by simply being bitten on the neck and then drinking the blood of the sire. They still kept the "undead" title because after drinking the blood of the vampire, they technically die for a few seconds...then the vampiric curse kicks in and a powerful inner magic, dubbed "mana" for obvious reasons, practically explodes inside them...causing many a physical change like paleness and a different eye well as fangs of course.
However it is possible...and probable for a human to be turned without the blood of the sire, since the saliva is enough to infect a human. However they don't develop as much mana, making the transformation very slow and often painful. The vampire also starts out very weak, and has to drain extra blood to obtain standard vampiric power and strength.


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