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Saturday, November 25, 2006


Welcome to my little corner of the net, devoted to the buying and selling of original comic book artwork, also known as sequential art. There are thousands of pages for sale and I am Western Canada's biggest comic art dealer. While you're here check out the gallery, featuring my work as it has evolved over the years.

The most sought after type of animation art. Sometimes called original production cels (short for celluloids), these are hand-painted and have generally been used in the making of an animated film or cartoon short.

They are filmed in sequence to create the illusion of motion. Production cels that are not used in the final production are called model cels and/or preliminary art. Many original production cels have been either lost of destroyed throughout the years which serves to enhance its value as collectible art.



“420” is an indy production. It is a serialized comedy by veteran animator and comic book artist Verne Andru. While proudly politically incorrect, it does not condone or encourage illegal activity. Mature subject matter.

420 webisode viewing is free. Show your support for an indy production buy ordering a copy of the 420 comic book from Proceeds go toward ongoing project development.

"Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers" - Universal Declaration of Human Rights, article 19.

TAKE ME to 420 -

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Robert J. Wilson

I am your typical Jedi Master Halo Ninja Dad. I work to defeat the dark side while you sleep. Whether it be the Covenent or the Empire, you are safe because of me. I possess a detailed understanding of anatomy.

My family is quite amazing as well. I have four Jedi Halo Padowans. My wife is keenly disguised as a stay-at-home-mom, but like Elastigirl, is a superhero in disguise.

We live in Southwest Washington and our super-human ninja forces keep our city safe from the evils of Oregon.

In my spare time, I draw and train my students in the art of ninja and Halo.



Thanks for visiting my site, my name's Tom (aka InkFetish), I'm a freelance illustrator currently based in London.

I work in a range of mediums and formats, from concept art/storyboarding to mural work and canvases.

In June 2005 I published my first comic; No Strings - a dark take on the story of Pinocchio. The comic had a print run of 1000 copies with 50% of the stock boughrt by Carharrt soon after the release. Weighing in at 64 pages, the comic features contributory artwork from a host of reputable graffiti artists, street artists and illustrators. The comic as it stands is still in search of a publisher. If this is something you might be able to help achieve, or are interested in my ideas for future publications feel free to get in touch regarding this prospect (to read more about this title click here).

My clients include: MTV, Marvel, Carharrt, Manga Entertainment. For work enquiries or just to say hello, you can contact me through my website.

The Art of Christopher Cordingley

The Art of Christopher Cordingley

Take a quick look at the sketches, models, animations and thesis from this unique and gifted artist.