The digital revolution has made comic book publishing a thing of the past. See and learn how virtual computer technology will revolutionize this field and allow every artist to have their fifteen minutes of fame.

Sunday, April 30, 2006


Little Monster won't be a pussy anymore.
Next intermission:a psychiatric report.

Friday, April 21, 2006


In the city of Abbot, NY, the dead walk. The Sidhe roam the streets. Magic can be found in dark allies and smoke-filled rooms and miracles abound. But every miracle has its price.
All Miracles Have A Price, the first graphic novel from Studio Underhill is serialized on the web. Originally published in 2003, it is now free as a web comic to help spread the love and find as wide an audience as possible. If you're the type who enjoys the commentary track or just an inside look on the other side of the page, be sure to press the Author's Commentary button.
For those of you who are new to the series, I hope you enjoy this little trip. It's a city where the dead walk, mythic beings haunt the shadows and faerie courts hold their rades in the streets. Magic can be found here, and miracles can be had on any street corner.
But all miracles have a price.
Welcome to Abbott.
TO THE COMIC - by Harris O'Malley

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Go Fish is the witty comic panel that gets inside the mind of psychiatrist Norman Floyd with insanely funny results. Created by J.C. Duffy, creator of "The Fusco Brothers," Go Fish is a clever, often hilarious comic panel peopled with eccentric characters and whimsical observations.
Psychiatrist Norman Floyd lives in a high-rise with his wife, Miriam, their son, Teddy, and their dog, Ruprecht. After spending his workday dealing with his daffy clients, Dr. Floyd returns home for an evening of...dealing with his daffy family.
"I could say I'm trying to explore the complexity of family relationships, along with delving deeply into the world of psychiatry and neuroses, but in fact I'm just trying to come up with something funny every day," says Duffy. "Since I don't actually have a wife, son, dog, or psychiatrist, I figured that was the most sensible approach to take."
TO THE COMIC - by J.C. Duffy


Ellington Way reflects what it’s like to make your way in the world for the very first time. Whether it’s a first job, first business, or first anything, at some point we all have to leave the comforts of home and put on our “adult clothes.” Ellington Way is about a group of friends who do just that—and they find the clothes are still a bit too large.
Ellie Jones, the central character, has started her own art gallery and is learning to deal with all the nightmares and headaches that come with running a small business; her best friend, Dee Dee Okada, is toiling as an HR analyst for a large cable company; and their mutual friend Nate Wiley is on his own for the first time and is struggling to balance his work and college life. The strip isn’t as much about being an adult as it is the humor of getting there.
Ellington “Ellie” Jones-Though brilliant, Ellie is impulsive--a characteristic that often leaves her biting off more than she can chew. She runs a struggling art gallery called The Hotel Sunrise.
Dee Dee Okada-Ellie’s best friend and confidant. Dee Dee’s sardonic wit is more than a match for Ellie’s own brand of irreverent humor. Taking good-natured jabs at herself and her friends is Dee’s idea of a good time.
TO THE COMICS - by James Point Du Jour

Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Human baby is stolen from parents by faeries. Stolen human baby is replaced by a faery baby(AKA changeling). Faery baby grows to the age of seventeen believing she is human. Faery baby's faery parents come to fetch her. Her human parents want her to go.
But she doesn't want to leave.
Faery baby- er, girl - is pulled between the faery and human worlds, and slips through the gap to an in-between world. Knowing she wouldn't have a place should she return to the humans, and not wanting to remain in-between, the girl began seeking out a way to the Faery lands.
The in-between world (called Tamhaile, just for the sake of giving it a name) is much like the human world. The main difference between our world and theirs is that nearly everyone there believes in magic. They also believe that it's dangerous - which it generally is. The Fae are feared and hated, and were supposed to have been banished, but they never really were. In fact, there seem to be more and more of them cropping up...


STAR WARS. One of the biggest cult followings in the history of the world and perhaps the most parodied movies ever. And here I bring you, yet ANOTHER parody: STAR BORED!!! But this is no ordinary parody...
This is Star wars ISH style!
This comic was inspired by you guys in the graduating class of 2003 from the International School of The Hague. Every character in this comic is based on one of you people molded into the form of a popular cult figure. Or as a filler extra. Whatever... Naturally, the main character Boovock is played by myself.
And for those of you net surfers who happened to find this site and do not know either me or any of my friends (most of the people who are reading this I assume), I welcome you too to the site... I hope you enjoy it.
I'd like to apologize in advance if you do not understand many of the jokes - most of these are in jokes that perhaps only the people that this was designed for would understand, but I have tried on many levels to make this accessible to a wider audience. I'm curious of whether the general public is capable of appreciating this, Star Wars rip-off and all, so please drop me some feedback if you'd like to make a comment.

Monday, April 17, 2006


Welcome to Flint Again, wherein I forget everything I've ever created before and start anew, hopefully for the better.
Young Basil Flint is a detective without anything to detect.
Join his adventures on the ground floor as he tries to make sense of his life while listening to the advice of far too many women.
FLINT AGAIN features the artwork of Spencer King.
Flint Again is copyright © 2006 John Troutman.
All rights reserved.

general protection fault

general protection fault by Jeffrey T. Darlington is a geek soap opera filled with sentient slime molds, temporal paradoxes, Inventor's Genes, and more jokes than you can shake a 10Base-T networking card at.


shin kage by Clint Hollingsworth is the story of a wandering warrior in the Mountainworld.
On a far terran colony, a young warrior travels, trains and duels, for Shugyo, the way of the warrior student.
Shin Kage wanders a strange world filled with strange creatures and even stranger people!

Sunday, April 16, 2006


"The Stiff": a disturbing romantic comedy involving Alistair Toth, Jamie Etchison, and their classmates at Larkspur High School.
TO THE COMIC - By Jason Thompson
Jason's webpage is Before reading The Stiff, he recommends that you visit The Making of the Stiff. A June 2003 interview about The Stiff is available at Comic Book Resources:


Picture Story TheatreBy Alexander Danner and Bill Duncan

Saturday, April 15, 2006


Walky regales us with stories from his high school years. He's entered puberty late and there's a girl that's caught his eye. Problem is, she's probably too smart to find him attractive. D'oh.
TO THE COMIC - by David Willis -


Wigu is a comic set in a multiverse made up by Jeffrey Rowland. The universes that make up the multiverse are connected through television shows. The things seen on television are not fiction, but actually glimpses into other universes. Somehow this makes sense in Jeffrey Rowland's mind. The things you watch can also watch you.
Wigu is a little boy who spends many of his days in a fantasy world of his own creation. An imaginative husky boy, Wigu is too smart for his surroundings.
Romy Tinkle
Mother of Wigu and Paisley, Romy is perpetually unsatisfied, alcoholic paper pusher. She works in some sort of financial institution, drives a Mercedes, and has conversations with her drinks.

Friday, April 14, 2006


Filler is, more or less a look at my life. But it's been drifting farther and farther away from reality every day for the last four years. I'd say that at some point the connections might just break off completely. Until then though it's bound to stay teathered to the real world in some way or another.
I'd had an obsession with comics for years, and finally decided to get around to drawing one. At the time, I was fifteen. At the very beginning, the strip was called "Doodles" because I couldn't think of anything better. I quickly dropped that name and searched for something better. Eventually, after a few other failed titles, the name "Filler" occured to me. And luckily enough, it stuck. However, while things were always happening in the comic, nothing was happening outside of it.
It got published in school newspapers a few times, but those publications were terribly inconsistent, as one might expect. However, by the Spring of 2005 I had become familar with the concept of a webcomic. So I brought mine to the net, and for some reason wound up here. The rest is history. Well... not much history has been made yet. I'm currently doing my damndest to spread the word about this site.
Robbie is awesome. That is to say, Robbie thinks that he's awesome. He's prone to both sarcasm and wild ideas that tend to get him into trouble. However, oddly enough, he's usually able to get himself out of said trouble, often through sheer luck. He comes off as a jerk to others sometimes, but doesn't see himself that way. Perhaps he's just a bit to direct with some people, he's not sure. Robbie enjoys video games, watching television, talking about things he hates, and spending long hours in front of the computer. He also attends college, but that doesn't appear to be turning out too well. Also, as a Red Sox fan, he is prone to bursts of baseball-related angst. It's best not to be near him when this happens.


Lucideus, a.k.a. The Light Bringer - Way back when and a long time ago, the gods darkened the world for a couple years to set the stage for their dramatic introduction. Lucideus was the first to appear in blinding glory, getting everyone's attention so that the others could make their appearance in front of a properly dazzled audience. At least, that was the plan. Actually, the humans liked him so much that he never got around to stepping aside and letting the other deities introduce themselves. Though he isn't properly trained to be the foundation of a monotheistic society, he does his best and learns as he goes.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Soccer is Full of Cheese

Soccer is Full of Cheese is somewhat of a mockery of cliche shounen-ai comics. It's hosted on ComicGenesis, a free webhosting and site automation service for webcomics.


Saved from commiting suicide at the age of 25 by Jade, Jin accepted Jade's offer of a fresh start. Now fully trained, she joins the Greenstone Agency as the newest member of the group. Cautious, quiet, but with the eyes that miss little.
Known to almost everyone as 'Jade', the mercenary captain is both a saviour and thorn in many people's sides. Cunning, opportunistic... but with a strong sense of something that could almost be called justice.
Doc, known to the inhabitants of Lanner Place as Doc Ice is the rather scary-looking medic for the Greenstone mercenaries. A good soul in a wreck of a body, the good doctor is actually a lot nicer than he looks. With odd sleeping habits and a liking for tea, the generally even-tempered and level-headed doctor is sometimes subject to fits of moroseness. Has a Siberian Husky named Caleb.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006


Wapsi Square follows the day to day stories and relationships between a group of five post college friends and a school teacher turned bartender. Amanda is a motherly professional photographer who is convinced the intelligence of the world is dropping but still remains optimistic. Monica is the diminutive museum curator that has yet to realize how cute she is. Jaquline, Shelly, and Owen are the members of the punk band Fermented Banana and good friends of Monica and Amanda.
Various story lines deal with relationships, single life, mythical monsters, muscular women, bra shops, goth looking loners, cigars, real ale, microbreweries, bikinis, photography, dating, guitars, music, bands, night clubs, swing dancing and the Aztec god of alcohol.
(c) 2006, Paul Taylor


A Comic Dysfunction!
If Orneryboy has one defining personal motto, it would probably be "I hate x", where x equals pretty much anything, and varies wildly from day to day. He has mood swings like a yo-yo and a temper like the Incredible Hulk's kid brother. Orneryboy not only saw the proverbial glass being half-empty - He got so mad he broke it.
Dirty Girl is the perky counterpoint to Orneryboy's constant gloom and doom. A lover of life - especially in the form of furry creatures - She's always trying to drag Orneryboy kicking and screaming from the Dark Side.


This gallery contains over fifty paintings depicting many of the best-known prehistoric beasts. The illustrations are accompanied by information about each animal including its size, weight, diet, the geologic period during which it lived, and the year in which it was discovered.
The dinosaurs are grouped according to shared characteristics. For example, the "Theropods" gallery includes Tyrannosaurus rex and Allosaurus, while Brachiosaurus and Apatosaurus are in the "Sauropods" gallery. The pterosaurs and ancient mammals like the Woolly Mammoth have their own galleries as well. The few mammals I have illustrated belong to the Eocene and Pleistocene epochs, which is why no other epochs are listed under the "Age of Mammals" heading.
The creatures depicted in these illustrations are also listed in an alphabetical "A-Z Animal Index" which can be used to locate images of specific animals.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Once upon a time, there were two friends - a girl named Aubrey, and a jerk named Davan. They'd grown up together in a mystical place known as the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. Okay, well, maybe not mystical. Actually, it sort of blew... and Davan didn't even live in Ft. Worth or Dallas, but in a little pitstop between called Bedford.
Anyway, they were chugging away and being themselves when one day, Davan had a realization - he didn't know what the hell he was doing with his life. Aubrey had a sneaking suspicion she was in the same boat, but kept it to herself.
They had some mutual friends, including a Canadian named Pee-Jee, who'd moved to Boston a while back, and decided maybe that was a good idea. So they packed up and moved up north to see if maybe a change of scenary would help them make sense of life.
Thus far, it hasn't - but they're too lazy too move again.


Elf Only Inn is a comic about Internet roleplaying chatrooms, where all the screen names are "characters" interacting in a fantasy world. It's like a regular chatroom where everyone is out to get cybersexed, but with elves. Only, there really aren't very many elves in Elf Only Inn. Or, for that matter, any real roleplaying.
Many of these roleplaying rooms are "fantasy only" settings full of AD&D nerds enthusiasts. And the fantasy setting is largely ignored by other people who also want to roleplay Jedis every time a new Star Wars movie is released.

Monday, April 10, 2006


War is the unofficial leader of our merry bunch. Scientist, artist and athlete, there's nothing this guy doesn't do. He's not someone you want to mess with, not if you want to wake up the next morning in the same place/continent/planet.
Matt is the disk bearer. Untempted by the power it offers, mainly because he doesn't have a clue what the powers could do. Not the sharpest needle in the box, but he will stand up to things that threaten himself and his friends.
Rachel is the first female character to have joined the Digital War crew. She's not at all worried by the guys because she knows that she could easily wrap them round her little finger if she so wished.
Rob is possibly the wackiest member of the Digital War crew. He refuses to take anything seriously and will joke about anything. Has a liking for oversized hand held weaponry.
The last member of our motley crew is Strider, if this is her real name or merely a nickname, we don't know. Favours fighting over talking and would much rather march over to AOHell HQ and give them a right seeing to than walk all over the country.

Michiko Monagatari

Michiko Monagatari means “the tale of Michiko.” I've seen Monagatari spelt as "Monogatari" and since I'm not a student of Japanese language, I can't tell which is the more correct form. Since I got my spelling from what I consider a reputable source, I'll leave the spelling in its original form.
Michiko is of course the main character; a swordswoman that due to certain circumstances is wandering the world. It is through Michiko and the other characters that we get to explore the world of Maruihara (means “round field”).
Maruihara is not like the world that we come from. It has the same physical properties, but the people that are living on it (in it) are coming to terms with the world they inhabit and the rules that govern the world. Everyone is struggling to live life and understand it and find reasons for their continued existence.

Sunday, April 09, 2006


If you ever need someone...
There's this tale, a myth rather, about a Hotel where people can live forever and strange happenings are common. It is a little haven, perhaps out in the woods or in the mountains or even just down the block, where you can go to get away from life. But it isn't a place you can find simply by looking for it...
this Hotel has to come to you.
Clipped Wings follows the present occupants of the mysterious Songbirds Hotel. Yet while they may find comfort and a home there, a safe haven could as easily become a cage if they're not careful.
Sometimes sad, sometimes funny, join the lives of Jonas, Cory, Ava, Drake, Phoebe, and many others in their visit to the Hotel.


Nathan Staunt, Age: 16, is an anime and game freak who usually isn't seen without his gameboy! He usually goes to Conventions to play the latest videogames and watch the latest's his paradise away from his otherwise hectic homelife.
Trevor Van, Age: 17, is wacky, energetic, and mischevious. Usually doing before he thinks, results in very bad consequences and annoying Nathan and September. Trevor is also very much in his own little world and takes cosplay to the next dimension...
September May Raine, Tember, Age: 16 is strong-willed and friendly. She will tell you what's on her mind...but that is another story for her affection towards Nathan. She tries her hardest to get closer to him but he doesn't notice...

Star Wars ARTIST

An art blog for official Star Wars artists and
Not every kid can boast about coming home from school one day to see Han Solo and Chewbacca stuck to his refrigerator. But for Minnesota-based artist Grant Gould, his childhood was full of Star Wars memories like these thanks to his Jedi-friendly parents.
"I was three years old in 1977, and I remember seeing Star Wars at the drive-in theater," Gould recalls. "All I remember from that are snippets, because I had no idea what was going on. I just knew there were these droids walking around in the sand, and spaceships, and explosions. Fortunately, my parents were quick to feed my addiction and they'd buy me Star Wars sheets, posters, pillowcases, action figures, etc. Any time a birthday or Christmas rolled around, I'd know I was getting some cool, new Star Wars toys. One of my earliest Star Wars memories was when I got my first two action figures: Han Solo and Chewbacca. My parents stuck them to the refrigerator with magnets to surprise me when I got home. Shortly after that, I remember getting C-3PO and then a Tusken Raider, and after that it's all a blur. Five million action figures later, I can't keep track."


Pictured are a couple Sawyer cards I drew -- Figured I'd post them since everyone's into "Lost," including myself :)
Grant was born in St. Paul, Minnesota and has lived in the Twin Cities for most of his life. In 1999 he graduated from Brown College with a degree in Visual Communications, winning awards for Editorial Layout, Video Editing & Postproduction, and Graphic Design.
Grant also helps maintain and operate, a site where fans can go to find links to Star Wars Artists' websites, information on upcoming conventions, exciting new projects, and more.

Saturday, April 08, 2006


They're pirates.
They're vampires.
They travel across Canada in the name of social justice and federally-funded blood banks.
Dirty Commie propaganda for the whole family!
TO THE COMICS - by Jones -


About Cyrus Cymple
How do you stop the Russians from launching their nuclear misslies from Cuba? Simple. Cyrus Cymple. Check out the Cold War's hottest spy in this online comic created with retouched screen captures from dozens of films.
Our hero, Cyrus Cymple, has been a CIA agent for about 15 years. He is 38 years old. He fought in WWII, having joined the Marines. Cyrus had distinguished himself early on as someone who was resourceful in battle. He was quickly moved into the Marine's Top Secret Special Forces Unit. By 1946, Cyrus had gotten the attention of the CIA. Much of Cyrus' Special Forces Operations put him in close contact with the Russians and the Germans under the assumed identity of Mikhael Yurichev, the son of a fictional Russian industrialist. At the end of the war, Cyrus was able to leverage his relationship with the Russians into a position as an advisor to the Russian General, Demetri Vlasyankov. General Demetri was prone to use Mikhael (Cyrus) as his personal spy. This made Cyrus Cymple one of the CIA's top double agents.
TO THE COMICS - by Mike Heronime & Scott Biggers -

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

MAX - Television from Another Planet

MAX is a biological television from a distant planet - sent by the Grand Receptor of Tyoob-World to 1980s Earth in search of intelligent life forms. Meanwhile, university student Jo Millen is having a fairly unfun day... and it's about to get worse!
Like all other Tyøøbs, Max has no gender. Max is a unipod and gets around by bounding on a single hopper appendage. Four subcutaneous tentacles which can extend to 1.5 meters each are the main means by which Max can grasp and manipulate objects. There are lots of other interesting things about Max and Tyøøbs... but that will be info for later!
TO THE COMIC by Stephen Crowley -


Precious is kind and gentle. The typical girl everyone loves to hate for being a goody two shoes. But in actuality its something she has to work at constantly. In reality she is scared of failure, not very trusting of herself, has low confidence, needs to feel needed and is prone to anger & a lack of grace. However above all she is extremely understanding and has a vivid imagination.
Enya is the almost exact opposite of Precious. She can be mean and is highly protective of her things. However she can be kind in moderation. She loathes homework, loves watching animes. Its not unknown for her to dramatise everything she does like its a scene out of an anime. She has an almost obsessive love for all things that are cute or japanese. Jumps from topic to topic so fast you are left confused. Talks too much. She loves being in the limelight.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006


Martin's Misdirection is basically life through the eyes of a magician named Martin and his always talking rabbit, Thurston. It's not about magic, it's about life.
I'm James Burks. I write and illustrate MM in my spare time. I've spent the last 8 years working in the animation industry as either an assistant animator or a character designer. Whatever it takes to keep my union benefits going. I've worked on various projects including The Iron Giant, Space Jam, The Emperors' New Groove, Atlantis, Treasure Planet and Home on the Range. I did character designs for the second season of Striperella. Which brings me to my current position as unemployed
stay at home father of a beautiful little girl who does the occasional freelance job.


Liberty Meadows is the creation of Frank Cho.
TO THE COMICS - The home of comics on the web

Monday, April 03, 2006


"Hubie" is the humorous story of a boy who awakens from an entertainment-based stupor as a 20-year-old in a bizarre new world that he doesn't understand. The stress of his situation causes Hubie's media-saturated brain to pop out of his head and split into two separate characters; Styler, a manic personality that has taken the form of a classic black and white cartoon character, and Stub, a repressed, protective personality that has taken the form of a Frankenstein. Along with their new friends Mr. Platinum and Jenna Vista, this quintet must discover why their world has changed and fight the force that controls it!

Opposite Forces

Meet Marty and Alexis. Two very different people whose lives are thrown together because of the effects of an egotistical Superhero, an alien death ray, and Matzo ball soup. Chaos ensues.
Issue 3 starts with a bang with a beautiful J. Scott Campbell cover! Then, animator Tom Bancroft brings you the continued adventures of unlikely heroes, Marty and Alexis. See Bopper take over leadership, Marty and Alexis try out their new powers, and get ready for the unveiling of their first supervillian!

Sunday, April 02, 2006


The Fray is a sci-fi/humor comic about an alien named, Grugg. Grugg is part of an extra-terrestrial colony poised at the perimeter of our galaxy’s asteroid belt, ready to launch a galactic plan to take over Earth.
The insurance to achieve this rests in the hands of The Fray, a genetically enhanced alien predestined to successfully complete this mission. Grugg’s duty is to wake The Fray from hyper-sleep to get this planetary pillaging underway.
Enter…the genesis of the plot. Grugg freaks when he finds The Fray DEAD and quickly contrives his own plan to double as the now lifeless chosen one to save his own hide. Without considering the repercussions of this deceiving move, Grugg faces an extraordinary future.
The Fray has been slated as a three-part short story series presented in traditional newspaper comic strip format. The first two parts have been completed. The third chapter is in the works and will be presented online in comic book format.

He’s the Star of the Show and he knows it! As a matter of pure technicality, he *is* a Dog and thus the property of the Brooks family… but he also talks up a storm, has opposable thumbs, and a commanding run of the house thanks to an attitude that doesn’t know when to quit!
She’s the Dog next door. She’s friendly, introspective and smart. She also makes Dandy melt without even trying. The two have shared an obscure pseudo-relationship since they met… it’s an on-again, off-again kind of thing. Usually more “OFF” than “ON”. That seems to be the way that Maryweather prefers it, since Dandy’s kind of a weirdo and a jerk and Mary would rather spend her time reading.


Ozy: Ozymandias J. Llewellyn. Our hero, more or less. Young gray fox child; serene, philosophical and an easy target. His name is from a poem by Percy Bysshe Shelley: "My name is Ozymandias, King of Kings. Look on my works, ye mighty, and despair."
Millie: Our young heroine, a little red fox girl. She's every bit as smart as her gray counterpart, but far from accepting an imperfect world, she alternately decries it, tries to bend it to her will and relishes in messing it up.
Ozy and Millie™, and everything related, © 1997-2005 D.C. Simpson.

Saturday, April 01, 2006


Fresh to New York City, Edda Burber is a young, newly employed dancer in a prestigious, metropolitan ballet company, embarking on a life of her own, with her own loves, hopes and ambitions, and her own tax forms.
Amos, Edda's friend since childhood, Amos studies cello at the Juilliard School, in the same performing arts complex where Edda dances professionally. One of the biggest and newest conflicts in Amos' friendship with Edda is that they have also fallen in love, and handle the situation rather badly.
In the summer of 1993, Brooke McEldowney created 9 Chickweed Lane, which quickly developed a strong and tenacious following. The strip has received two Genesis Award Commendations for animal rights issues.
TO THE COMICS - (c) by Brooke McEldowney; Distr by USF Inc. -


So you want to do a comic strip, huh? You have a great idea and/or a burning desire but you have no clue what to do next?
Here's a list of Do's and Don'ts that may help.
But first, let's get through the bad news right up front, so you can determine how burning your desire really is.
The bad news is, this is an extremely competitive business. Look at the comic page in your newspaper. How many strips do you see there? 15? 30? Maybe more? How many of them are NEW? How many have been there since the invention of paper? Now consider this: there are roughly 200 syndicated comic strips out there, battling it out for a bit of precious space on that comic page. If you could see the comics in every newspaper in the country on any given day, you'd see pretty much the same strips in every paper. There are 30 or so that have a lock on the comic page -- some for decades.


Hi, I am Luann DeGroot. And this is all the hot gossip on my family and friends. Want to know how much my brother weighs? Curious about Gunther's secret passion? Wonder what's up with Tiffany? Dying to know more about Aaron Hill? Good. I'm ready to tell. Read on. Luann DeGroot: First of all, let me explain my name. Luann comes from my dad's fertile imagination. He has a two cousins, one named Lou and one named Ann. Thus, Luann. It's an okay name, except people want to say it Lu-AHn. And they always spell it like LuAnn or Luanne. But I suppose I should be grateful my dad didn't have cousins named Mo and Ron. DeGroot is a Dutch name, although there's nothing Dutch about me (those wooden shoes are way cool, though). I'm 16, I'm a Virgo and I go to Pitts School (motto: We're The Pitts!). I'm average in most every way, except I have large feet. But the best thing about me isn't me, it's my friends. So let's dish the dirt on them, shall we?
TO THE COMICS - © United Feature Syndicate, Inc.