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Sunday, May 21, 2006


Years ago, Kevin Kindle the rabbit and Kell Dewclaw the wolf met in an online chat room. After falling head over heels for each other, they decided to meet in person. It wasn't until then that they realized they were from separate ends of the food chain. However, the relationship they'd developed online overcame Kevin's instinct for self-preservation, and Kell's heart melted from such a demonstration of trust. Kell was energetic and vivacious, qualities Kevin had found lacking in herbivores. Such a relationship between predator and prey was certainly doomed to fail but these two opposites were determined to make things work. They eventually married knowing good and well they would be outcasts in their own society.
Along for the ride was Kevin's adopted hedgehog daughter Lindesfarne from his previous marriage and Kell's wolf cub son Rudy from hers. A year later, Kell gave birth to Coney, the canrivorus baby bunny who inherited Kevin's big ears and Kell's meaty appitite. They all live in a treehouse in the Township of Domain, just North of the vast uncivilized region known simply as The Wild.
Other than their taboo marriage, these woodland Bradys are not that unlike any typical American family. Kell works at the corporate headquarters of Herd Thinners Inc., the worlds primary supplier of grocery meat by-products. Kevin runs a local Internet Service Provider called Hare-Link from the basement of their home. Lindesfarne & Rudy both attend Caliban Academy, the local public high school. Rudy goes during the day and Lindesfarne attends at night being a nocturnal species after all.
The world in which they live makes everything we would consider mundane have a unique and humorus spin. It's a place inhabited soley by intelligent animals who drive cars, use computers, pay taxes and yet still cling firmly to their instincts and the circle of life.


GENE CATLOW is a new comic created by Albert Temple.
It's all about cats!




JIN-Saved from commiting suicide at the age of 25 by Jade, Jin accepted Jade's offer of a fresh start. Now fully trained, she joins the Greenstone Agency as the newest member of the group. Cautious, quiet, but with the eyes that miss little.
JADE_Known to almost everyone as 'Jade', the mercenary captain is both a saviour and thorn in many people's sides. Cunning, opportunistic... but with a strong sense of something that could almost be called justice.

G.R.I.M. by Bowslayer

Welcome to G.R.I.M.
Korrigan had a somewhat respectable life. Things were going okay, considering where he lived. He had a home, friends, a decent job to pay his bills, and, as any other average person on this earth would have, a few enemies. Too bad his life only lasted sixteen years. Too bad he stepped through those pearly-white gates. Too bad everything went wrong the night he died.


So I'm at the laundromat, right, and I'm waiting for my clothes to dry as I scan the room, and look at all these dryers, so many clothes went into them, so many people used them. Suddenly I felt sorry for them.
These poor dryers, nobody appreciates them. Not really. People just throw their clothes in, drop a couple of quarters and ignore them. They must feel so used and unacknowledged. So I turned to my dryer and silently said, "Um.. Number 6, how's it going?" It roared on, round and round, doing its thing.
I just stood and watched, pressed my hand up against the glass to feel the warmth, when this Latin babe pulls up with her cart and starts putting her underwear and frilly lingerie in the dryer next to mine.
Now I don't know if it was the lacy undergarments or the heat from the dryer or what, but right then and there I pop a boner. Naturally I start frantically digging in my pockets to conceal the bulge, tried thinking about Jabba the Hut or Rush Limbaugh or diahrrea, anything to halt the sudden surge of erotic energy welling up inside me.
Luckily, an obnoxious family came in making a huge ruckus, snapping at their fat kids, which successfully deflated my libido. Close call. It was at that moment when I realized the purpose of ugly people: Inconvenient erection stoppers.

Friday, May 19, 2006

The Iron West

Doug TenNapel (creator of The Neverhood, Earthworm Jim, Creature Tech, and Catscratch among many other projects) is a graphic novel making machine. His new book, The Iron West, comes out in July from Image Comics. Many fans are really looking forward to this one since Doug consistently turns out great work.
CLICK HERE to read an interview with him at Comic Book Resources.

You'll Have That

You'll Have That follows the lives of Andy and Katie, a newlywed couple in their twenties, as they try to figure out life together.
Andy is a career-challenged twenty-something whose only constant in life is the love for his wife, Katie. A college drop-out and admitted "nerd", Andy struggles with his lack of self esteem and his constant desire to impress Katie.
Katie is a headstrong young lady who had her life completely planned out before she met her husband, Andy. Now, after two years of college and an interstate move, Katie is in an unfamiliar position of piecing her life together. The only thing keeping her remotely sane is the love she has for Andy.
While preparing submissions for the syndicates, I tried to make each submission different than the one before. I figured, "If the last one got rejected, why do the same thing over again?" During this time, I kept getting the same advice from friends, family, syndicates, and professional cartoonists. The advice they gave me was to "write what you know".
The first four submissions were steadily different from each other, but seemed to lack the "glue" that brought the characters, plot, and environment together. I was faking it. I thought I was being myself, but I realized as I read and re-read my comics that I was trying to force the characters into scenarios that I thought were cool, but I had never experienced.
And so began work on the fifth submission. It was, by far, the hardest as I went through several different ideas trying to find the one that I felt was most true to me. At this time in my life I was engaged to my wife and we were planning our wedding. I don't remember when it clicked in my mind, but I realized that the only thing I really "knew" about was being in love with Tricia. All this time I was trying to make comics out of jobs and friends and whatever else I thought would work when my perfect muse had been right in front of me the whole time.
I wouldn't call You'll Have That an "autobiographical comic", though a lot of the elements are based on situations my wife and I have experienced together. For me, You'll Have That is a fun way to imagine what my wife and I would do in certain "hypothetical" situations and in some "not-so-hypothetical" situations . . .

Tuesday, May 16, 2006


STAR WARS. One of the biggest cult followings in the history of the world and perhaps the most parodied movies ever. And here I bring you, yet ANOTHER parody: STAR BORED!!! But this is no ordinary parody...
This is Star wars ISH style!
I'll be more concise.
This comic was inspired by you guys in the graduating class of 2003 from the International School of The Hague. Every character in this comic is based on one of you people molded into the form of a popular cult figure. Or as a filler extra. Whatever... Naturally, the main character Boovock is played by myself.
And for those of you net surfers who happened to find this site and do not know either me or any of my friends (most of the people who are reading this I assume), I welcome you too to the site... I hope you enjoy it.
I'd like to apologize in advance if you do not understand many of the jokes - most of these are in jokes that perhaps only the people that this was designed for would understand, but I have tried on many levels to make this accessible to a wider audience. I'm curious of whether the general public is capable of appreciating this, Star Wars rip-off and all, so please drop me some feedback if you'd like to make a comment.
And the parodying is not just focused on Star Wars... Yes, I admit that the main core of it is based on George Lucas's Billion dollar idea, but it also spreads far and wide to every movie that in my opinion is just asking for it - perhaps you could amuse yourself by trying to figure out which bit is from where.

Ghost Talker's Daydream

Ever since she could remember, Saiki Misaki has had the ability to 'talk' to ghosts. She works as a special consultant for the city's secret division that deals with supernatural cases. She also works as a dominatrix at a S and M club, where she has gained a cult following for her extraordinary ability to tame men's twisted desires. These special talents, however, forbid her to lead an ordinary life. Everyday she has to deal with overzealous fans/stalkers, and worse, lost spirits in desperate need of help...

Saturday, May 13, 2006


K.I.A. Production's THE ASSASSIN vs PRINCESS PURE is a project from Jeremy Arambulo.
Jeremy was born in Queens in 1978, grew up in Long Island, and studied graphic design at Boston University.
After graduating, he landed a job as Art Production Assistant at Blue Sky Studios working on their first feature-length animation, Ice Age. He continued as a painter at The Danbury Mint, drew comic art for FWD Book's Styx Taxi, Marco Dimaano's Angel Ace and K.I.A., Siglo: Passion, and designed The Sleeping's debut album, Believe What We Tell You.
Jeremy currently works as a part-time graphic designer for a major audiobook company while cartooning. He lives with a pack of wild mice in Brooklyn.

Page Layout in Relation to Comics Storytelling

the phenomenon of multiple dialectics in comics layout
My Masters thesis exploring the uses of page layout in relation to comics storytelling. A lot of my theories on how comics work are explored and enlarged and, despite the title, it isn't dry academic reading. Trust me.
The thesis is divided into several PDF files for easy download. As it says in the report, all images are copyright their respective owners.
When we're reading comics, we don’t see one panel at a time, we see two pages (or an entire screen). Most comics artists ignore or fight this, but it presents great possibilities for storytelling--not just flashy effects. What possibilities? How does this external system relate to the internal system of panel transitions? What about “closure”? Glad you asked... John takes on McCloud, Eisner, Chaykin, Cohn, and hundreds of years of comics dogma.
theory part 1 theory part 2
A huge chunk of stuff on this site relates to my research. In this section, I go through the exercises I've done and try to pick out what worked, what didn't, and--more importantly--what was interesting. Where do my ideas come from...?


When I was first starting out, I had these preconceived notions about what a "professional" had to use. I thought you weren't a "professional" unless you were inking with a brush. So on my first project years before Lowbright, I used Winsor & Newton 00 and 0 brushes to ink everything. For sixty-five 11x14 (bristol board, hot press) pages I was killing my hand. I realized right away that the brush wasn't for me, but kept at it because of my naive preconceptions. Even though it was painful to move my right hand after a day's worth of drawing. Like an idiot, I continued with a brush for another 40 pages or my second project, which ended up never even seeing print.
On Duncan's Kingdom I switched to a pen nib(Hunt)-- the kind you dip into an inkwell -- which was better, but I still didn't feel comfortable. I settled on the pen nib for Pulling and Super Unleaded.
These days, I ink everything with a simple pen. I always felt most comfortable with a pen but avoided it because of its stigma of amateurism. But that's just lame. Each artists should decide which materials are the most comfortable and produces the best results for him/herself. Not only is the pen the most relaxing, it's the fastest, neatest, and was most beneficial in improving my art.
The pen let me loosen up and not be so uptight. As a result, I think my characters these days have a much greater feeling of motion, emotion, flexibility, and liveliness. I started with Pigma Micron pens from Sakura, but since my two year stay in Korea, I've switched to Copic MultiLiner from a company called .Too from Japan(sizes 0.1 and 0.3). The point holds up a lot better than Pigma after continual use.

Friday, May 12, 2006


Hard-drinking, chain-smoking, foul-mouthed and without a sense of humor, Sanzo’s the kind of guy to shoot first with his Banishing Gun and ask questions later. Incidentally, he’ll draw on both enemies and friends-whatever it takes to maintain a little peace and quiet.
The Sanzo group stops to rest in a village temple. The desolate village’s sole source of prosperity comes from the monetary offerings made to the temple priest, who protects the villagers from demons.
Having received a warm reception, the group notices a young boy, Taiga, creeping into the gardens. His father went missing a week earlier, and Taiga thinks the reason has something to do with the temple. He sneaks into one of the rooms where he witnesses the priest conspiring with the demon Taoist and is captured on the spot. Taiga’s older sister Reika tells the group, “My little brother is missing and they leave to search for him. Sanzo stays behind in the room, not wanting to involve himself in the situation, but the priest there takes an interest in his scripture and begins to approach him.


Heimgezahlt (“Paid Home”) By Donna Barr
Or, what I used to do to amuse myself. I want to make perfectly clear that this is what you-all would consider a Sketchbook. In the original, not even I am capable of reading the tiny print. This version is considerably enlarged.
Barrdeutsch is not real German. This is cockeyed and archaic, so if you do speak proper German, you will see how much fun it was to mess with a language. Or, you could accept it as being simply the way they speak in my homeland, The Reich. Borders are imaginary; this is MY Reich, in the Midnight Library, not the other one, which, thank gods, is no longer with us. Well, not in Germany, anyway.
Hauptmann = Captain. Feldwebel = Sergeant. Heer = Army. Leutnant = (Army) Lieutenant. UntersturmfOhrer = (SS) Lieutenant. (Note: This is the first time I used the name “Stinz,” about a year before my other, better-known character was born.)
“Herr”, while today used as the English “Mr.,” means “Lord,” and is used in military titles in reference to officers and N.C.0.s. Because the actual meaning is untranslatable, it has been left in the German.


Picture Story Theatre presents LUCKY KISS By Alexander Danner and Bill Duncan
Alexander C. P. Danner is co-creator of the webcomic, Picture Story Theatre, as well as editor of The Graphic Novel Review. He also writes plays, with occasional forays into other genres. His first play "Cubicles" was runner-up for the 2003 Rod Parker Fellowship, and was produced in Emerson College's Loft Theatre.
Bill Duncan is the art-wrangler for the online webcomics magazine, Comixpedia, and the creator behind several other odd comics he keeps in the dunktank. Bill lives with a lady and a cat in the vast, arctic wasteland North of the US border some call KaNaDuh, where he is known to the locals as man-who-draws-with-tablet.
Picture Story Theatre presents a series of self-contained short stories, drawing on such influences as contemporary picture books, children’s poetry, and traditional myths and fables.

Monday, May 08, 2006


Limited edition hardcover includes a Will Eisner signed and numbered tip-in plate. Edition is limited to 500 copies.
This edition is available in stores.

Eve's Guide to Drawing Manga

Hello people ^^
You really want to know the hell I go through to draw manga? ^o^ Oh! welcome to my tutorial page. Here I will explain the process that I go through in order to post a page of T&R ^^;. It should (hopefully) give you the basic idea of how a manga page is drawn. Well, here I go...^^;
Oh wait, before I start my ranting, Please keep in mind that this is only one of millions of different methods of drawing manga. In other words, don't believe in everything that I say cuz that's no fun and I'm probably going to BS a lot. ^^;
There are several materials that professional mangakas use to draw their manga. Such materials include pencils, erasers, brushes, ink, pens, whiteout, rulers, knives, paper, blow dryer (I'm not joking), brush pens, screentones, templates...and the list goes on and on. However, this is what a pro needs; most fanartists are happy to with a decent pen, ink, and paper. Unfortunately, I'm not one of them -_-;
Composition refers to the general balance among the elements of an artwork. In manga, composition revolves around page layout as well as the layout of individual panels. Although a manga page seems like a simple, random collaboration of large and small panels, it is not so. In fact, the layout of a page is a very important skill that must be studied carefully.
Now that you have finished pencilling, it's time for inking. To be blatantly honest, this is one of my weakest points, but since teaching often has nothing to do with skills, let's see what I can do ^^;;;
Inking is by far the most important skill that a manga artist needs to master. Although it is very similar to a pencil, a pen requires much more precision and patience. However, the rules that apply to pencilling also apply to inking, so let us look at the basic skills of drawing lines before anything else.
The most crucial skill of drawing is learning to control the thickness and consistency of the line you draw. Drawing nice, clean lines sounds perfectly easy, but this is a skill that takes lots o f time to master. The ability to produce clean lines originate from two aspects-- arm control and pressure.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

His Diminutive Master

In order to get the secret ending in Kingdom Hearts II, which an honest person might call the real ending, you must complete Jiminy The Cricket's extensive journal of sadistic, impossible, and insulting tasks without error or hesitation. Gabriel claims to have resigned himself to the less potent denouement, but I see him stare at nothing sometimes, and I know that he is gazing upon the smooth, high wall of his cowardice.
I've been following Assassins's Creed since it was called Project Assassin, when it was being promoted as a multiplatform title at X05 rather than a game which a recent press release implied had a Playstation 3 focus. Before I continue in this vein, let me say that I think Next Generation budgets being what they are almost guarantees a release on the 360 as well, but that's a separate issue. As we've seen with the (primal sounding neologism) GRAW, Ubisoft doesn't leave money on the table - even when it means making a next-gen entry for consoles, a completely different game to appeal to the PC fans that built the franchise, and then a truncated subset of those games for the cast-off and decrepit older generation. No doubt a version is en-route for the TI-89 graphing calculator.


October 29, 2023. A bizarre virus is introduced into the earth's atmosphere, simultaneously infecting each and every inhabitant of the planet. Human and animal alike. Within hours, the world begins to realize that something otherworldly is taking place. The dead are rising, infused with unnatural strength and agility. What's more, they're hungry, and bent on devouring every last living creature on Earth.
The planet is seized by panic, war and eventual desolation. The few humans who remain live in various makeshift settlements scattered across the globe. Converted prisons, military compounds and the like. The world has become a writhing nightmare, intent on devouring anyone foolish enough to venture outside. Into the wastelands.
19 years later, in the fall of 2042, a lost little girl named Zoe washes ashore with little or no memory of how she got there. The world is desecrated and seemingly empty, populated only by legions of the lurking undead. Alone and horrified, Zoe must make her way inland.
Lured by the distant sound of music, she stumbles upon a forgotten graveyard, in which dwells the mysterious Dirge - a dead man who has returned to "life" in Zombie form, but through a strange neurochemical loop-hole, has retained all the moral sensibilities of a human being. Taking her reluctantly under his wing, Dirge agrees to escort the girl to the nearest human settlement, along with his decomposing dog, Cerberus.
Along the way, the two will encounter all manner of undead abominations. Flesh-eating clowns, rotting circus animals, and a zombified velociraptor with a 60 million year case of freezer burn. They will soon come to realize, however, that zombies may be the least of their problems.


THE PULSE: What is Battle of the Planets?
JO CHEN: It's the English title for Gatchaman. I watched it when I was little living in Taiwan. During that time it was cutting-edge animation. I remember that the plot's emphasis being on the characters rather than the technology. If I remember correctly, we saw both Gatchaman series in Taiwan. The two theme songs were clearly different.
THE PULSE: Did you watch Gatchaman or the US BotP when you were younger? If so, what did you like best about the series?
JO CHEN: Yes. Both Christina and I watched it. We were still in Kindergarten at the time. I remember liking when the ship would jump to hyperspace, all the Gatchaman team would faint and be laying all over deck. I always laughed because even as a kid I would think it funny that they suddenly forgot about seatbelts in the future. In fact, I always am reminded of this whenever I watch the old Star Trek series. The ship is suddenly rocked from side to side and crewmen are falling all over the bridge...wouldn't happen if they just fastened their seatbelts.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Magic Mcallistair lives in a fantasy world with "No Room For Magic" and she hates it.


Name: Shiro Dollahardae
Age: 89 Species: kitsune (Japanese fox daemon)
Profession: scout/spy for Dae'angel Family: Jessica
Born in Japan, Shiro came to Europe to escape a cruel dog demon in the east. After the loss of another family, Shiro and his sister Jessica ended up in the care of Allura and the Dae'angel. He mainly does scouting work since he specializes in illusions rather than physical combat.
Likes: rabbit stew, playing with his sister, studying
Dislikes: most girls, being a pretty boy, death threats

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Animation Companies Having Fun in Games

For Perky Pickle Studios, they were brought on to the Crash Bandicoot franchise to help develop story. © Vivendi Universal.
A number of smaller studios are creating animation for publishers and developers of videogames, including for the console, PC and online platforms. In many cases, their work is limited to cinematics/cut scenes and promotional trailers. But there is more and more demand for in-game assets as well.
There have long been studios specializing in this market. “Companies like ours have been around a long time,” says Krissie Franco, vp production at Hydrogen Whiskey Studios, which has been in business since 1991. It has been creating gaming animation for 12 years, and doing so almost exclusively for the last 10, worked on franchises such as Civilization and WWE.
General animation companies are starting to get more heavily involved in game animation as well. Perky Pickle Studios, which launched in 2000, is one example. It creates animation, from preproduction through post-production, for all platforms and in all styles. Perky Pickle has worked on Vivendi Universal’s Crash Bandicoot franchise, and was involved creatively during the entire development process, according to owner Jordan Reichek. “There are incredible possibilities for us in animation to be branching out,” he says.
By Karen Raugust for

Monday, May 01, 2006


We revamped our website and forum to parallel the fantastic quality of our Korean Manhua! Don't forget to check out our exclusive FREE comic previews section and join our new Ice Kunion Forum! Its totally FREE, totally FUN, totally ADDICTING, and totally ICED UP just for you! Enjoy the new site! Have fun!


Chappy Chappy is the main character of Irritability. He is endowed with superhuman strength and speed, as well as the ability to cause things to erupt into flames. He has had these abilities since birth, and so, for any problem or inconvenience he ever faced, the easiest solution was always violence. Because of this, he never bothers to think about anything, since the solution will always be the same: smash something. He isn't entirely stupid, at least if he ever decides to think about something. He lives in the Banana House.
Chappy's origin is as an X-com soldier. X-com is a fairly old computer strategy game where you manage earth's resistance to an alien invasion. Usually your soldiers get to kill about 0-10 aliens before they die themselves, maybe 8-30 for the good ones. Chappy Chappy, however, was able to kill about 300 aliens without ever dying. I once sent him into an alien base by himself as a joke, expecting to just reset without saving after he died, but he killed all 15 aliens by himself. I was surprised. Chappy Chappy represents myself, most of the time.