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Friday, March 31, 2006


Hi, I'm Vicki Fox. I'll be your host as you explore my site. Learn more about me, my projects, and business.
Meet me and the cast, check out my store and art gallery, and learn more about licensing my characters, and see my adventures in comic strip form.
My company specializes in web consulting, software architecture, cartoon character design, and licensing.
Copyright © 1996, 2005 Vicki Fox Productions Inc. (Michael Russell)


Outzkirts is based upon Bud and Edna, and their little dog, Rusty, who live on the outskirts of town.
David and Doreen Dotson started cartooning together shortly after they were married in 1990. Their first strip was Sport Barbs, a sports oriented cartoon strip. They later went on to create Jonah's Journey, and Outzkirts. Outzkirts became an instant success and has been running since 2000. It was first seen in the East County of San Diego and it is now nation wide from California to North Carolina. David writes the story lines and gags, and Doreen draws them out. In their words, "It's been a perfect partnership." David and Doreen have three children and presently live in the Southern California area. They are currently members of the Southern California Cartoonist Society.
TO THE COMIC - images Copyrighted © 1990-2006 Dotson -

Thursday, March 30, 2006


"Hey Harry" is a single panel weekly comic that first ran February 13, 2001 in a local paper called the "St Mary's Independant. Now through much work "Hey Harry" is now in six papers and you should see it appear in "Reader's Digest" (Canada). It has been a great help talking to other "starving cartoonist" to get ideas and encouragement on how to self promote your comic.
Styles that have influenced me are "Herman" and "The Far Side" I also enjoy that little boy with his stuffed tiger "Calvin and Hobbes". So if you notice any resemblance to Jim Unger and Gary Larson work you will know why because they have shaped the style that I do today.
"Hey Harry" on the web is drawn by Thomas J. Ebert.


Matt is a hopeless romantic in every sense of the word... hopeless because Trixie, the object of his affection, is anything but romantic! Luckily, Matt is not one to give in very easily, and with his resourcefulness and support of close friends, he takes whatever life may bring in stride. Despite Trixie's constant rebuffs, Matt relentlessly hangs on to the hope of one day winning the affection of the icy-hearted ferret.
Unlike Matt, Trixie prefers the company of her friends Judy and Ali to those of her ever persistent admirer. Trixie prefers to be independent and despises the thought of relying on others, let along succumbing to the mushiness of love and affection. Her favorite pastimes are spreading her personal philosophy on how to take care of #1 and basking in the joys of material rewards.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Blood Lark

An unfinished fantasy epic about a young girl who gets thrown out of the house by her drunken father to go on some stupid quest. With a magic sword to aid her, she gets drawn into a deadly plot... can she and her new friends survive?
Strey is the 'leader' of the party and probably the most intelligent and strategically-minded in the group. She's actually quite talentless when it comes to weapons or magic, but the sword her dad gave her has some interesting powers. Because of the sword's precision when striking at the neck of an opponent, she was dubbed 'Strey the Decapitator' by the barkeep of Lerianth.
Her past is shady, it can be assumed that she endured her childhood doing menial labor and chores for her drunken dad. The whereabouts of her mother are unknown.
Kids'll Dig It: violence, occult themes

Road Waffles

Follow the adventures of Haley, a sassy twenty-something serial killer searching for a new life somewhere in the Nevada desert. Even though she's not very bright and desperately needs to take some anger management classes, she manages to make some friends along the way.
Once upon a padded cell there was Marlie Kincade, who escaped and started killing people and exhibiting chaotic behavior. For the most part she's completely unpredictable, even unpredictable in the predictability that she will do something unpredictable.
Moses J. Leviticus is a character with complete control of his comic, even though he doesn't know it's a comic. Don't tell him just yet.
Max Panic was born into the world a schemer. He knows how to talk to people, but he doesn't ever seem to have any money. Cammy is the only constant in his life.
One of Max's old friends, Cammy London spent the last few years working and living in poor conditions, supporting Max and herself in their apartment. She's mature and responsible, but not often happy as life wears her down. Max is her spark of hope.
Mature/Deranged Readers: gratuitous violence, sexual situations, brief nudity, mild expletives.


How come some characters are animals and the rest are humans? Why do the human characters not perceive the others as animals?
The answer to that is not as straight forward as you may like. I made them with cartoon animal qualities so that the reader could differentiate them from the majority of the secondary cast members. In the comic, they're not acknowledged as animals because they only appear as animals to the reader, not to the rest of the characters in the comic.
It's a comic. They don't necessarily have to make sense all the time. Just enjoy reading it and don't think too hard. :)

Monday, March 27, 2006


Brewster Rockit is an unlikely captain. He’s woefully ill-prepared to lead … and that’s part of his charm. Orbiting the stars in the space station R.U. Sirius, Brewster and his crew of misfits encounter a constantly challenging set of interplanetary anomalies. Brewster Rockit: Space Guy! pushes the limits of space, time and humor.
Tim Rickard is an award-winning cartoonist, illustrator and graphic artist for the News & Record in Greensboro, N.C. He’s also the creator of Brewster Rockit: Space Guy!, the hysterical space adventure strip syndicated by Tribune Media Services.
Rickard has worked as a freelance artist and cartoonist for newspapers, books, magazines and Web sites. After writing a popular “Star Wars” parody, he was inspired to create a comic strip that combined the best elements of space adventure and humor. The bold and zany Brewster Rockit: Space Guy! was born.


Follow the adventures of Kelvin, his roommate Roger, their bathroom penguin Billy, and a host of other loveable characters.
Evan Rytlewski works as the Arts and Entertainment Editor for the stunningly successful Core Weekly. He produces Starting Point.

Sunday, March 26, 2006





Saturday, March 25, 2006


tessatoons cartoon and humor directory has mature cartoons, sick cartoons, funny jokes and animations, clean cartoons, twisted & strange comics, naughty cartoons, and demented cartoons.
Enjoy as you enter comic artist's Terry Wallbank's website...: )

Nikki and Nicole

Nicole James is a 40 year old ruthless corporate raider, who has spent her life buying up businesses for her own personal gain and enjoying it. All that changed the day she purchased Robinson Research. There she was accidentally exposed to a rare spore that changes her (periodically) into a little girl. Despite her best efforts she can’t convince anyone of her transformations. Now she has got to find a cure before the effects become permanent and is forced to relive her childhood again. Comic artist Raymond Branch has other strips as well... TO THE COMIC -

Pewfell Porfingles

Pewfell Porfingles
Possibly the world's worst wizard, certainly it's laziest. To pay for home repairs and a new baby, Pewfell has recently been forced to take a job with the Spirekassle City Sewer Patrol.
Pewfell is an inept, untidy, sarcastic, world-weary, slacker who can guiltlessly spend all weekend on the couch... all week too, probably. Worse, he is quite stingy, and irresponsible, preferring to get others to do his dirty work. As a wizard Pewfell is an abject failure, but he has plenty of excuses and explanations for this. Thus he is able to remain in a blissful state of denial on the subject, believing himself to be one of the world's greatest sorcerers.
On the positive side though, Pewfell does love his wife, kid and cat and tries to take his duties as father & husband seriously. He's intelligent, witty and attempts to keep fit by practicing yoga. Although he has a tendency to run away from a fight, Pewfell is not actually a coward – just practical. He is quite used to facing death and does so with a dry, calm and cutting remark.. When push comes to shove he will usually end up doing the right thing.



This cute cartoon strip by comic artist Jeff Swenson is well worth a visit. Other artists with their own content and comics can take a lesson from his "Displaying a funny comic strip on your website". This is one way to automatically attract a surfer to stay at your site or pause on an advertising page giving you more of a chance to show what you have to offer.

Friday, March 24, 2006


Born in the Republic of Korea, Hyun Kyung Up studied 3D and fell for 3D's charm.
He previously worked in an animation team but felt more charm for illustration and now works for a game company.
He feels that illustration is an infinite thing...the endless world...
Illustrated images give emotion to people and endless study and many efforts are needed to endless game box...


Airshell would fall into the 'sci-fi-or-something-like-that' novel category; if you have a better appropriate name, let me know. This is a story of contrasts; true or false, right or wrong dreams or nightmares, dream or reality, black or white and so on. You change 'or' with 'and' and it should still work. At this point, airshell tells about a young man in a very distant future (probably centuries and centuries from present time), who doesn't perceive things like the others. Is he right? Is he wrong? Is he right and wrong at the same time? Who knows.
After meeting Ari Norvant, a young assistant who also happens to be a researcher and telling him his 'points of view', Rene' in one of his night wanderings finds an object which seems to be a very, very (and very) old hologram. It turns out that this hologram has two old data transmissions: a personal recording and a strange interview fragment with strange kids in a srange place...In the meanwhile Ari meets the shady Dr. Sheldon, a top executive genetic engineer who breeds deep-sea fishes....or so it seems.

Thursday, March 23, 2006


In the beginning, hundreds of thousands of millions of billions of trillions of eons ago...
There was nothing. But somewhere in the Darkness of Nothing there dwelt the Essence of a Spirit of infinite power. And this Essence was lonely. And so the Essence stretched forth his hands in the Darkness and created Life: all the crawling beasts of the earth and the birds and creatures of the air, the waters of the oceans and the plants of the ground, and the complexity of it was so great that the Essence was both pleased and overwhelmed.
So, to help keep order in this new Life, the Essence created his Children and His Subjects, the Gods, who are today known as "The Old Ones." These five individuals he named "The Guardians," and each were given a kingdom and/or element they had to watch over and protect. And so, time passed.
The earth changed and grew and molded and changed even more, and mortals, elves and cats and humans and mermen and dragons, came into being, and with the birth of these creatures, so too was born Worship and Religion. But instead of worshiping the One Essence that had Created Life from the Darkness, these creatures worshiped his subjects, the Old Ones.
Gods and Mortals have a unique relation to one another: mortals depend on the gods to protect and provide for them, while the gods depend on mortals to worship them, grant them their faith, and increase their power. Thus, both depend upon the other for survival: the more worshipers a god collects, the stronger he or she becomes, while those whose worshipers dwindle or weaken lose power themselves.
Therefore, as He watched His children grow stronger and stronger and more numerous in number as they had their own children with the passing of the years, the One Essence itself slowly began to fade.


Vampires are not the walking dead in my story, they are immortal, living, creatures of the dark.
People are turned into vampires in my story by simply being bitten on the neck and then drinking the blood of the sire. They still kept the "undead" title because after drinking the blood of the vampire, they technically die for a few seconds...then the vampiric curse kicks in and a powerful inner magic, dubbed "mana" for obvious reasons, practically explodes inside them...causing many a physical change like paleness and a different eye well as fangs of course.
However it is possible...and probable for a human to be turned without the blood of the sire, since the saliva is enough to infect a human. However they don't develop as much mana, making the transformation very slow and often painful. The vampire also starts out very weak, and has to drain extra blood to obtain standard vampiric power and strength.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Faerie Tales

A life through a faeries eyes - not the cute an adorable flower-clad faeries, but real things, flesh and blood. Abandoned at birth, leading a life of hardship and pain, only to be soothed by a friend or two. Faerie Tales - because not everything has a happy ending.
Hand drawn fantasy epic, set in a world of faeries and many other magical creatures. Surely not your Granny's fairy tale, though, with a more mature and dark atmosphere, and very unique characters. (Rated MA for Yaoi, although it hasn't shown up yet.)


Shelley Winters is a Loveable, slightly annoying ingenue. Likes things that are fun. Works as the mayor's assistant. Has a funny way of talking. Accident prone. Became a zombie once. Has enemies in the world of the deep.
Ryan Beckwith is a slightly cleaned-up boozer. His father is king of the tramps. Easily led. Joined a cult. Rides a scooter. Fallon's boyfriend. Has a friend who is a bat (Friend Bat). Lives above Hugo's sandwich shop.
Fallon Young is an incompetent secret agent. Sweetie-pie. Has nemesis (Dave Swann, crime pope). Shelley's best friend. Looks good in catsuit. Unreliable. Ryan's girlfriend. Saved Ryan from cult using disguise.
Tim Jones is an inventor, loverman, sage. Prone to bouts of red mist. Needs a woman's touch to keep him from the madness. Lives a life of leisure thanks to his best-selling fake autobiography, "Jonesy".
TO THE COMIC - by John Allison

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Could Success Soon Kill Your Webcomic?

It takes over 16 hours to drive from Minnesota to Texas if you don't stop. Of course, I did stop along the way and visited friends in Iowa and Missouri, but I still had at least 16 hours of straight drive time in a truck with nothing but a radio and no companion. Since most radio stations in the Midwest play country music, I had a lot of time to think.
One of the things I thought about was the way the internet worked all last year and how things are following a pattern right now and slowly but surely breaking down. Right now, the infrastructure that paid all the bills last year has suddenly stopped, as if someone shoved a big wrench in a machine. Crunch! Everything has stopped and a lot of people seem to be scurrying around trying to repair this machine that never really was working in the first place.
I can describe this calmly because I saw the big wrench coming and made preparations to pay the bills after the machine shut down. However, the noise was very loud, a lot of people I know and care about didn't see it coming and everything is still unsettling enough to give me pause for thought.
The first comic strip I ever posted to the web was called "My Hero." It was about a newlywed couple and the site was designed by a friend of mine at the time. I didn't know any HTML and the site was up on my personal webspace that my ISP provided me. I registered my URL with Yahoo and I would receive an email every couple of months.

Monday, March 20, 2006


"Punk Angel"-This girl has fleshy wings attached from her shoulders to her knees. She cannot wear regular clothes so she wears a long coat to cover her wings. She is afraid to learn how to fly so the wings are more of a burden to her than anything else. She lives with two other girls, M and Jazz, and her daughter, Swift (like the bird), who is three and starting Kindergarten. Sandy is extremely intelligent but socially inept. She spent most of the last three years learning to speak English and care for herself and her daughter. She doesn't remember anything before her daughter was born. Her experience with the outside world is minimal. She barely recognizes that there is a government and certainly does not believe it applies to her. She attacks people (physically and verbally) because she believes they can defend themselves the same way she can. She is terrified of men and has no idea why.


The star of our show, the main attraction, Zebra Girl (A.K.A. Sandra)! Transformed into a demon by an explosion of random magical energy, Sandra must search for her purpose in a world which would undoubtedly scorn her. Eat your heart out Stan Lee. Indeed, what few glimpses the world has had of her have evolved into local legend in the town of Miscellaneous, which of course does little to soothe Sandra's fear of exposure. But despite the loneliness she feels, Sandra's strength of will has kept her from wallowing in self pity most of the time. She's even managed to develop a very modest sense of humor about it, as evidenced by the name of her tech-support service and the "journal" she puts up on her site. Still slightly hot-tempered, Sandra's favorite hobby is igniting Jack with her pyrokinetic powers. This should not imply that the two of them are necessarily enemies, but rather that they are friends who have become comfortable with their friendship existing in the ways in which they aggravate each other. More than that, since through it all Sandra and her housemates have become more than friends. Owing simply to her mature personality, Sandra is essentially the de facto head of the household, though not in any overt fashion.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Wandering Ones

In the year 2035, a human specific man-made super-virus is loosed upon the world, killing off at least 80% of the world’s population. However, the virus doesn’t kill everyone.
It was launched by the Mavonites, followers of an incredibly charismatic leader, Xavier Mavon. Mavon was one of the richest men ever to walk the Earth, and he decided that Man was meant to colonize and explore the stars. This would have been great except that he made that dream into a very excluxive/conservative religion and if you weren't willing to give him total fealty, you had no worth to him.
In 2027, his Mavtech corp. had come up (among other things) with an amazing technology for folding spacial distances. Mavon had his dream in front of him.
He convinced his millions of followers to go onto colony ships and into cryofreeze units, The plan to launch the super-virus was known only to Mavon and a few of his high and mighty. When the plaque was launched, the Mavonites exited spacial fold left. If they didn't find any habitable worlds, they could recolonize a deserted Earth. The virus had a limited life span nd no ability to mutate.


After finishing art school, Max started working on his own independent comic book, NEATO-PEOPLE. He pencils the book, and helps come up with the plots. Max works on the book with Emily, his long time friend. He also has an unhealthy fascination with pasta, soda, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. When he's not daydreaming about his female characters, or finding caffeine, Max is drawing. He's pretty naive, and tends to worry about a lot of small things. He was dating another comic book artist, Alli, but they decided to be just friends.
Emily is Max's best friend since high school, and has joined forces with him to work on NEATO-PEOPLE. Emily is the more responsible of the two, and has to work hard to keep Max on his deadlines. She writes the comic, as well as handles the business aspects of promotion and distribution. She's a strict, no nonsense kinda gal, and usually gets right to the point. Emily is now in a steady relationship with Tommy, who also works for her. She tries not to let that get in the way of having a good time. TO THE COMIC -

Saturday, March 18, 2006


The microscope is the ultimate scientific instrument in B-movies. Not only are B-movie savants occasionally able to study sub-molecular effects with small table microscopes, these marvel machines can also detect various types of radiation (including 'unknown' types), as well as mystic forces. Unless the script calls for mystery, in which case the microscope loses its ability to detect even things a normal looking glass would. Champion of B-microscopism, of course, is no one else than our old friend Batman (from the 60ies serial), whose bat-scope (complete with yellow bat-symbol) could even detect where a certain soil sample originated, and whether it has ever been on the Joker's shoes. Strangely, when I look through such a simple microscope, all I see is things a little larger...


This comic has had a long run -- two years is almost unimaginable in the webcomicking world. It was always my dream to beat the odds and push past the 20-comic mark, the 1-year mark, etc., and finish the story. But as my studies grow more important, expensive, and generally involved, I find myself lacking the time to draw comics on a regular basis. Plus, there's a larger issue:
In many respects, making this comic has ceased to be fun for me. In the past six months in particular, I have been growing increasingly frustrated with all the story-related snarls, gaps, and general issues I've managed to work into the comic. There are parts that never should have been included, there are too many flashbacks, and there are a billion and one things that badly need to be explained. To top it off, I find myself yearning for the ability to "experiment" a little more with the artwork, something that I am hesitant to do with a serial comic.

Friday, March 17, 2006


Girly is a webcomic by Josh Lesnick. It centers generally around the romantic relationship between two girls, Otra and Winter, as well as other citizens of the city of Cute-Town.
Girly's design is line-based, without color, using a vertical format. The line drawing is something akin to a manga-style, but with more abstractions, giving it a sketched, freehand sort of look.
This broad, sweeping style of art fits the humor of the comic well. Playing off of stereotypes and absurdities, the world of Girly is one where cartoon-like wackiness has become a daily occurrance, happening with frenetic speed around the dimwitted populace. This mad buffoonery contrasts the depth and personality of the main characters, who wrestle with love, inspiration, and ennui in a world where a superhero with a fist for a head can run for mayor without anyone batting an eyebrow.
Along with absurdity and playing with stereotypes, Girly has a strong vein of sexual humor, which befits a comic strip with an emphasis on romance. As might be expected, the relationships of the main characters are deep and detailed, while the sexual events in the town at large are largely more fantastic and wacky.

What is Lola?

Lola is a fictional (mostly fictional), semi-autobiographical story taking place during my most hated years of life: middle school. Now, you too can suffer with me and hopefully be entertained!

Thursday, March 16, 2006


1.) I was thinking about a fairy, but, i don't know how this mischiveous spirit appeared in the picture and stole her the main role. Even though i erased it, every time i tried to draw a figure it was him and not the fairy who turned up. Ok, i'll give your 15 seconds of fame if you keep still!
2.) No, I'm not talking about Absenta, it's just a forest fairy, that's all. I did it on a trip back home and painted it yesterday really fast. I usually spend a few days but i got this image stuck in my head and needed to poured it into a surface. The flowers and butterfly showed up later, it was more on the spur of the moment.


Chelsea Urania Kate Chattan: Like the famous hotel she was named for, Chelsea is a living embodiment of all things different. She's an artist, a rebel, a poet and a witch. Jubal is her friend and boyfriend, although its not ever clear which. Chelsea has since found out that she is a mythical were-messiah, killed a werewolf god, was tortured by a 15th century ancestor, found out she can only die by her hand or the hand of another Chattan, may become an evil sorceress in later years and now processes a wizard's lock of white hair. She thinks it's kind of punk. She now has a bit more control over her feline self, but still has not tapped into her full potential. That may very well be a lifetime pursuit - of course the problem there being that she may be immortal. "Life is like Sanskrit read to a pony." - Lou Reed
Alexander Jubal McRae: Jubal, in his mid 20's, attempts to lead a fairly care-free and contented life. He is one of two DJ's that work at the local radio station, WEDN - AM. Jubal is a kid at heart, literally. He is just as happy playing with his action figures, reading comics, or shooting hoops as he is anything else. Jubal was shot and killed at the beginning of the Council fo Three story line, but Corrine was able to lock his soul inside a voodoo soul jar. However the jar was broken and a resurrection spell had to be hastily cast. Since his return Jubal has demonstrated a few magickal abilities including talking with Sebo. "Is it not strange that sheep's guts should hale souls out of men's bodies? - William Shakespeare (Much Ado about Nothing, act 2, sc. 3).

Wednesday, March 15, 2006


Ashley Altars: 17 years. Junior at STA.
She wants the typical love story and she thinks she'll find it in Adam, the most popular boy at her Catholic boarding school. Her parents died when she was six in a horrible car crash that by all means should have taken her life as well. Ashley grew up with her father's mom, her Grama, and her pet cat Bell, always wearing her key necklace which was a memento from her mother. Despite her tragic loss, she is an overall cheerful and optimistic person (unless you're a rude jerk). Although Ashley has some self esteem issues she is strong and aggressive in a lot of ways, but she needs to be more brave in romance.
Adam Evenine: 18 years. Senior at STA.
He has been Mr. Popular all his life, probably due to his clear blue eyes, shiny blonde hair, and sparkling smile. Even though he has people who worship him, he isn't stereotypically concieted. He has been dating Holly Belle for a long time but seems to be unhappy with the relationship. Adam seems to have only the brightest disposition, but could it only be because it's easier to hide secrets with a smile?


It still seems like only yesterday when I put the first version of the site up. A lot has changed since then, and I like to think that it's been for the better.
So now we celebrate. Every birthday should be a party, right? and like any good party, this one comes complete with gifts. These gifts though are to you, our fans. We like to think of them as a little way to say thank you for sticking with us for our first year and helping to make us a success.
Now let's open them and see what we've got...
Well, I'm sure you've noticed this one already... we've got a new site for you all. Shinier images, slicker interface, and better arrangement. Sure, there are still a few changes coming to the site, but those are a secret for another day.
Hey look, there are plenty of new images over in the wallpaper section. Man, whoever made those for you all must really love you.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Early Dutch Comics

The history of comics in The Netherlands can be traced back to early hand-drawn documents which used sequential art to depict events or tell a story. Although some forms of Dutch comics have been popular for a long time, it is difficult to say exactly when comics began in The Netherlands. LEARN MORE -
Lambiek's Illustrated History of Dutch Comics

Comic Book Movies & Skywalker Sound Announce Strategic Partnership

Comic Book Movies, an entertainment company established by veteran film producer and comicbook authority Michael Uslan and visionary financier M. Jonathan Roberts, has announced a strategic partnership with Skywalker Sound for all post-production and sound services for their upcoming slate of features films, television and animation productions.

Comic Book Movies (CBM) was formed to build multi-media entertainment franchises based on classic international comicbook and graphic novel properties as well as important Japanese manga properties. Uslan is well known in the film and comicbook industries as exec producer of the BATMAN franchise films.
"We are both honored and excited to work with the professionals at Skywalker Sound. Having their guidance and input before, during and after production will ensure that our films are produced in the most efficient, cost effective way using the best talent and technology in the world," says Mr. Roberts, president/ceo.
"We are thrilled to be a part of the creative team at Comic Book Movies," states Skywalker sound vp/gm, Glenn Kiser. "Michael and Jonathan have a great track record and enthusiasm for the genre, and they understand how to use sound creatively to help tell their stories." Feature production credits at Skywalker include sound design and audio post-production for THE INCREDIBLES, THE POLAR EXPRESS, THE HULK, TOMB RAIDER, TITANIC and the STAR WARS franchise.
A recent agreement between Ishimori Ent. Inc., Comic Book Movies, ITOCHU Corp. and Lotus Inc. provided a partnership to jointly develop motion picture franchises based on the original properties of the late Shotaro Ishinomori, who is one of the most famous manga authors of all time, distinguished by his creations of more than 500 manga characters.

Sunday, March 12, 2006


age: between 14 and 21
aka: Uranus the Bard-Ass, Wasabi the Pimp Ninja, Calvin rip-off
his deal: slacker, occasional pimp, negotiating with the Devil to sell his soul, leader of the Resistance
age: 16
aka: It-Girl, Yellow Tail the Geisha Slut Villainess, Money, 'nique, SlutTrampHo
her deal: jail bait, low fidelity, many tramp-like qualities, but deep down inside she's still a tramp
age: 10, maybe 34
aka: Beezle, Short Stuff, Crim
his deal: Slick's Number One


Are you new to the Girl Genius storyline? Grab a desk in the 101 class and follow along from the very beginning.
New pages posted MWF.
Can't wait to join the upperclassmen in the Advanced class? Girl Genius is published in book form roughly once a year, and there are already three volumes (and a couple of stray comics) in the series. Get your study guides at your favorite shop or our online store. LEARN MORE -


Frank Chase, our hero, is a private eye who runs Lost & Found Investagations out of his apartment just like those old-timey ones in old movies. 30-ish, single, smart and capable he is confident in his crime-fighting abilities -- it's his social ineptness with the dames that gives him the most trouble.
Max is Frank's trusty wiseacre canine "partner". He has a nose for injustice and if any of the dames happen own a poodle, well that's just gravy.
Beth is literally, the girl next door. Well, upstairs anyway. Intrigued by Frank's job (and boyish good looks) she tries to get closer to him. However, they seem continually stuck in the "Friend Zone" much to the dismay of both.


Way back when, before there was an ADVENTURERS! I came up with the idea for a story - or rather, the ending to a story. A character would find a legendary sword and then, as he's doing his heroic speech, fall off a cliff causing evil to win. This story ended up being written by me and a friend of mine as the original Nate Wars. Fast forward a few months, when we wrote a few more stories, and played through Chrono Trigger (having missed it back during it's SNES heyday). Then, something hit me: I was good at writing humor, I like RPGS, and I was delusional about how good my drawing was, so I started ADVENTURERS! one day in math class.
Fortunately the delusion meant I kept at it, so eventually my art actually got good over the years ADVENTURERS! ran. However, nothing can last forever, and I found myself running out of RPG Cliches and tiring of the 'clueless/straight guy' dynamic Karn and Ardam usually deliver. So I started sketching, again. I sketched a guy in a trenchcoat, with a wierdly designed gun: this design went through many revisions and I started planning the story. Character ideas flooded into my head and I started to feel more creative then I had in months.
I made the five page bonus comic for ADVENTURERS! and Antihero for Hire was offically born. There are a lot of similarities between what you'll read here and at the ADVENTURERS! site, but there are a lot of differences too. Antihero for Hire really isn't a parody comic, it's a comedy-driven superhero action comic. There will be parody moments, but there will be a lot of storylines with their own brand of humor, and there will even be some comics which have no humor in them at all - just a warning here - in order to further the story. Here's hoping you enjoy what you read!

Saturday, March 11, 2006


Joe Cartoon is from michigan. he is easy to recognize in a crowd due to his tendency towards nakedness. he likes beer. using the cover of nighty joe frequently visits the zoo and whispers sweet nothings to the underage giraffes. this greatest hits dvd is nothing more than a giant cry for help from a guilt ridden madman who has thus far eluded capture. there is no reason to avoid capture, he's just extremely paranoid and this provides amusement for those lucky enough to know him. joe lives in a chartruese double wide on ten acres of pristine michigan woodlands. he shares it with his wife, three children, two dogs, three cats, and one hamster. the hamsters name is jim...i told my son he could name it anything he wanted... he named it jim. joe does not wear jewelry, have a hot tub or drink "crystal" . joe does drive a pickup truck and drinks miller lite but not at the same time. at parties joe tends to make people uncomfortable. i cannot elaborate on just happens.
Joe Cartoon has a podcast if you don't know this already. subscribe!


Kirk Anderson draws a weekly cartoon for the Minneapolis Star-Tribune called "Banana Republic." We think it is cool so we're showing a Banana Republic restrospective here.
See more of Kirk's cartoons here.
All cartoons are displayed here with the permission of the artists. Many thanks to each of you for allowing us to feature your cartoons. Artwork © each artist. The Professional Cartoonists Index is ©Daryl Cagle. All rights reserved. Unauthorized reproduction prohibited.

Friday, March 10, 2006

Emergency Exit

Emergency Exit is basically about these people, these crazy people, who are in their late teens. Frighten yet? After it gets going for a while, all the main Characters will be living in the same apartment building. Now, this is no ordinary apartment building. Plenty of strange things occur here, there are hidden dungeons and rooms, ordinary houseplants and animals start acting differently, even the water is strange. Of course such a place like this only attracts the weirdest residents.


Ghosts connect themselves to a certain person, and with that person can perform Reversing, which results in supernatural powers given to both, a solid form to the ghost and a zombie form to the human. They use these forms to participate in fights over haunting territory and to protect ghosts from ghost hunting Spiritualists. The world is set up under two gods, Life and Death, and most belief systems are based on the importance of balance between the two. Currently something is wrong with the system in order for ghosts and zombies to exist.
The story follows Orrick and how his life has been greatly altered since he agreed to be the ghost girl Mahalah's friend. At the time she didn't mention being her friend involved becoming a zombie and fighting other Undeads. However he is adapting, as is his other friends. Undead Friend is actually not a fight-based comic, if it’s none-stop action you want, UF is probably not for you. Its primary focus is on the characters and their development, and as time goes on the Undead Conspiracy. However much fun in fighting and gore is to be had.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

ZOMBIE HIGHWAY - Original Graphic Novel

Four seemingly mismatched friends, lovable smartass criminal types, take things in stride when half the people around them are turning into zombies. After all, they have a delivery to make. Mouse, Kuji, Tag and Yeti are bearing a mysterious stolen package cross country and they're not going to let cops, zombie lesbians or a charming psycho with his pregnant zombie lover chained in the basement stop them. All the while they are unaware of the cryptic and mystically empowered...but otherwise very observing them from a distance.


The earth is a world of never ending night. Without the light of the sun, humans have become the prey to the new dominant species of the planet---the vampires. Asia is a woman with a mission. She makes her way across the post apocalyptic earth in search of her daughter who was taken from her by the tyrant Prometheus.
The Eyes of Asia is written and illustrated by Kubert School graduate Ken Haeser along with Peter Deluca as co-writer and inker.
Darkness. It shrouds the world like a blanket, covering it with infinite night.
This barren world gives birth to the night dwelling creatures that were forever hounded and forced to hide from the light of the day. The vampires, the werewolves, the elves and evil of all kinds, force what is left of mankind to hide from the new rulers of the desolated planet. Humanity is on the brink of extinction.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006


MERCENEIRESS is created by Steve Cheng using POSER, a relatively inexpensive program with prebuilt 3d human figures that you can modify/pose/animate/render.
Tirin Johnson, a former agent of the Galactic Enforcement Bureau (G.E.B.), has been hired by her former employers to capture Flin Oobyin, a high ranking G.E.B. official who has succumbed to Soria encephalopathy. The G.E.B. has found a cure for this debilitating disease and request that Tirin capture Flin alive for neurological repair. However, Tirin would rather see him dead.
Tirin has a flashback to her first G.E.B. mission, of which Flin was the commander. Her team consisted of four other freshly graduated G.E.B. agents. When the mission goes terribly awry, Tirin reacts quickly and becomes the only survivor. She later learns that the mission was sabotaged by Flin to weed out the best agent. Flin subsequently offers her to join his team of special forces agents (the Elite). Tirin, disgusted by the knowledge that the mission was an elaborate set-up, still accepts the offer.
TO THE COMIC - MERCENEIRESS © 2005-2006 Steve Cheng


GOT A COMIC? You can submit it and promote it here. is (primarily) a directory of comics that are available to read over the Internet. Such comics are called online comics, or web comics. See the Wikipedia Webcomics article for more info.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006


Pinky TA is updated weekly. This comic by Michael John Morris includes MATURE CONTENT. Michael will literally work day and night without sleep and with very little food for days on end to get something finished. And he loves doing it even as he's hating it.
SEE THE COMIC - © to Michael John Morris


In this comic strip by Reed Hawker a medieval knight and a Japanese ninja are forced to share an apartment in modern America. Is it possible for them to fight crime and find love without destroying each other? READ THE STRIP -

Monday, March 06, 2006


MICHIGAN STATE UNIVERSITY - The Comic Art Collection holds over 200,000 items. Most of these items are comic books, but also included are over 1,000 books of collected newspaper comic strips, and several thousand books and periodicals about comics. Although some archival material and a few dozen pieces of original comic book and comic strip art are held, the focus of the collection is on published work, in an effort to present a complete picture of what the audience has seen over the years of the twentieth century. Local students and advanced scholars from around the world find this collection to be the primary library resource for the study of U.S. comic book publications.
The most important categories of material in the Comic Art Collection, based on current completeness and emphasis, are the U.S. comic books, the international comics collection, the newspaper strip books, and the historical and critical materials. Smaller sub-collections include animation-related material, Big Little Books, books illustrated by comic artists or written by comics professionals, propaganda comics, tie-ins to comic-related movies, the Eclipse Comics archive, and clipping and ephemera files.

Jason Snyder's Art

Jason Robert Snyder spent most of his childhood on a farm in pennsylvania, studying his surroundings and formulating ideas of the world around him. He began transferring his ideas through oil paint while attending the pennsylvania state university as an architectural engineering student. completely self taught, through trial and error in the years since, he has developed his unique style and interpretation of reality to what it is today. in each one of his pieces, he uses vibrant colors and distorted figures to convey one idea about the human spirit. Currently, in addition to fine art, jason is a custom framer at carmen's gallery and design studio in solomons, maryland, as well as a freehand pinstriper. Jason resides in California, Maryland with his wife, Laura; his dog, Leia; and his '53 Buick. SEE THE ART -


TARZAN was the creation of Edgar Rice Burroughs and this amazing concept has been done and redone countless times in books, comics, movies and radio and TV shows. Despite its many imitators, the King of the Jungle has found he is still King. SEE THE COMIC STRIPS... ARTWORK (c) United Media; (c) Disney


Artist PATRICIA STORM takes on the printing industry!
"Who the hell understands the publishing industry? I sure don't. Do you think that's gonna stop me from writing about it? No goddam way!"

Sunday, March 05, 2006


Follow the cool life of Italy Ishida who runs The Lounge!
The Lounge is written/illustrated by John Joseco, and it follows the misadventures of the sexy Lounge Manager Italy Ishida. Italy inherited The Lounge, an anime/games/comics/coffee shop, from her ailing father. She is assisted by Max, her rice obsessed protege, and eventually more characters who join the staff.
In addition to the staff, The Lounge is frequented by regulars who can often make the job hard for the Lounge crew. Aya and Alex constantly make getting work done a near impossible task for Italy. Occasionally, bastard Scott likes to show up to make his brother Max's life a veritable Hell.
Life outside of the Lounge is sometimes crazier than what happens in the store! There is always something exciting or crazy going on. The antics and interactions between characters is hilarious so you won't want to miss a thing.
Now that you know the gist of The Lounge, why not see for yourself what its all about.
NOTE: This comic is not suitable for persons under 18! This site is not held responsible for any of the viewer's actions. Enter at your own risk and please enjoy your stay!

Cross Street Blues

Beginning as a simple humor strip, the comic branched off into the waves of weirdness. Squirrels attacking unsuspecting individuals, and multiple copies of Pete hijack the strip. Jesse, the main character, breaches the third wall often. In recent months, the plot has done a total 180 degree shift. Jesse finds himself falling into other comic strips, and ends up in a land far from Cross Street. This new world is far more deep, with shadowy anti-versions of the cast. Politics and Religon are at odds, and war appears to be just a breath away. What is at stake? Existance. Reality itself...and Jesse is smack dab in the middle of it all.